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Multi-jurisdictional home invasion cases closed with LeadsOnline

“We had several home invasions reported where suspects were stealing jewelry and electronics. I used LeadsOnline to track down one of the homeowner’s jewelry, resulting in thousands of dollars of recovered property. This led investigators to suspects who had just committed another home invasion, and we recovered several guns and ammo. LeadsOnline assisted law enforcement to close several multi-jurisdictional home invasion cases and put a crew in prison! Thank you.”

Det. Michele Miller
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Independence Township

Victim’s property is recovered within an hour of it being reported stolen

“Using LeadsOnline, I was able to find several pieces of stolen jewelry and one stolen rare gold coin. With this website and the reporting of the businesses, I was able to easily retrieve property for the victim and charges will come. Within an hour after taking the report, I was able to notify the victim that I located some of the stolen items. This is a very valuable investigative tool.”

Dep. Michael Hudson
Henry County Sheriff’s Office

Burglary suspect denies involvement until presented with evidence from LeadsOnline

“The Chicago Police were notified of a $130,000 loss of jewelry from the apartment of a local resident. The responding Detective served a grand jury subpoena upon the management company of the building and within six hours, most, if not all, of the stolen items were recovered across town. LeadsOnline showed the items were sold by the midnight doorman, who used his own name and presented his Illinois Drivers License. The doorman was located at his home the same evening, and attempted to deny his involvement until LeadsOnline records were presented. He then made a full confession and was subsequently charged with two counts of Burglary.”

Det. William Heneghan
Chicago Police Department

Stolen jewelry recovered three counties away in Tennessee

“I was assigned a report of theft from a residence. The victim had a company working at her home doing some repairs and she noticed after they left that $6,275 in jewelry was missing. The jewelry was located on LeadsOnline three counties away. The jewelry was returned to the owner and the suspect was charged with theft of property. ”

Det. Lt. Brian Turpin
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

Suspects identified and jewelry recovered within one hour of theft

“A $13,000 jewelry theft occurred in our jurisdiction. Within one hour, two suspects were identified and the majority of the jewelry was recovered. We made the arrest of the two suspects with full confessions. Thanks to LeadsOnline, there was quick resolution to this case.”

Capt. Blair Favaron
Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Department

Police recover sentimental jewelry from crime victim while using the LeadsOnline free trial

“The Northampton Township Police Department obtained the free trial period of LeadsOnline. Within two weeks, we solved two felony theft cases and were able to re-unite a crime victim with some of their beloved jewelry. Without LeadsOnline, these investigations would have been extremely difficult to solve. Now we are committed to keeping LeadsOnline so that we can solve even more crimes.”

Det. Sgt. Charles Pinkerton
Northampton Township Police Department

Michigan police use LeadsOnline to identify potential suspects

“While investigating a Larceny in a building, I identified a possible suspect. As I checked his information on LeadsOnline, I positively identified a suspect and several pieces of jewelry that were stolen. Thanks LeadsOnline.”

Det. Mark Weston
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline provides evidence that coax out confessions from suspects

“A victim reported a stolen ring valued at $8,000 shortly after having an employee of a local TV/internet company at her home for service. The employee was interviewed shortly after the report and denied involvement. A year later, I queried the case report to compare a suspected stolen ring recovered by another department to our victim’s ring. It was not it. I saw in the initial reports LeadsOnline had not been queried. I checked the employee’s name on Leads and found he sold a ring to a jewelry store shortly after the date of the theft. The victim had made a sketch of her ring for the initial officer and I was able to compare that to the photo taken by the jewelry store placed on Leads. It was a match! The suspect employee was interviewed and denied any knowledge…until I showed him the Leads printout. He immediately confessed.”

Det. Matthew Lovell
Verona Police Department

According to New York Police, many crimes would go unsolved without LeadsOnline

“A woman came to our department wishing to file a complaint for several thousand dollars worth of jewelry and precious metals stolen from her residence. She was unable to provide a time frame of when this jewelry was taken; however, she did provide the name of a person who had access to her residence and may be responsible for the stolen property. The problem was that there was no evidence linking the stolen property to the suspect. Within minutes of interviewing the victim, I logged on to LeadsOnline and searched the name of the potential suspect. The search revealed that the suspect pawned numerous pieces of jewelry and other precious metals over the course of several months. The LeadsOnline records displayed the dates and times the suspect pawned the items, as well as detailed descriptions and photographs of the property. The victim positively identified the property as the property stolen from her residence. The database also showed a photocopy of the suspect’s driver license that was required to pawn the property. This evidence was crucial for linking the stolen property to the suspect. The suspect was eventually located and arrested for his crimes. Without LeadsOnline, this investigation would have taken weeks of leg work and dozens of man hours with the possibility that this crime may not have been solved. As a Police Officer, Investigator, or Detective, having a resource such as LeadsOnline is an invaluable tool. I can say with certainty that without LeadsOnline, many crimes would go unsolved.”

Ptlm. James Zwijacz
Kirkland Police Department
New York

Suspect arrested after stealing 10 guitars and jewelry

“We had a home burglary where a victim reported 10 expensive guitars stolen from his collection. One of the guitars was located in a local business because of a LeadsOnline search. This led to the recovery of all 10 of the stolen guitars, and the identification of a suspect. We learned the suspect had also stolen jewelry from his roommate. Over $10,000 in jewelry and another guitar was reported stolen. The guitar and the majority of jewelry was recovered. Additional charges on the suspect were made and both incidents were cleared by arrest.”

Lt. Gail Russell – FBINAA #181
Bradford County Sheriff’s Office

$16,000 bracelet recovered after stolen during home remodel

“I was assigned a case where a $16,000 gold and diamond bracelet was stolen during a remodel at a residence. After identifying all the employees working on this remodel I was able to locate the stolen bracelet using LeadsOnline. The bracelet had been sold to a local jewelry store on the day of the theft by one of the construction workers. Looking up this worker’s history has implicated him in other theft cases that were originally unsolved.”

Det. Richard Severs
Germantown Police Department

Stolen class ring and various jewelry recovered at business over 100 miles away

“After developing a possible suspect on several residential burglaries in our county, we used LeadsOnline to find that our suspect was taking stolen gold jewelry to a large municipality nearly 100 miles away. One of the stolen items taken to the business was a stolen class ring that was positively identified by the owner. Confronted with this information, the suspect admitted committing multiple burglaries.”

Inv. Justin Riley
Howell County Sheriff’s Office

Babysitter caught stealing employer’s jewelry

“The Austin Police Department received a report of stolen jewelry from a residence. The jewelry consisted of two rings valued around $2,000. The jewelry was found in Sherwood via LeadsOnline, and the victim’s babysitter was arrested for theft.”

Chief James Kulesa
Austin Police Department

Nine arrested and three deported after being busted for large burglary hoist

“We had a large burglary where approximately $10,000 in cash, electronics, jewelry, and designer purses were stolen. Among the jewelry was a designer watch. I looked for it on LeadsOnline, and bingo there it was. The person who sold it said she had bought it from another female. That female gave up all the others involved; seven males and three females, including this suspect. We retrieved almost all the electronic items and most of the jewelry and purses. Out of these people, nine were arrested and three were deported. LeadsOnline, you are awesome!!!”

Det. Betty J. Silva
Jacinto City Police Department

Cancer patient’s home burglarized while in the hospital

“I received a report of an aggravated burglary to a home in which the owners were in Nashville at the time. They were at a Nashville hospital because the mom has cancer and had to have her voice box removed. The family had a family member go check on the residence, and they found a door was kicked in and a safe that was bolted to the floor was taken. The safe contained several items including guns, jewelry and currency. In the safe was a wedding set purchased for the mom by the dad. She didn’t have a chance to wear it because she became sick. I was given a suspect’s name and shortly after searching LeadsOnline, I received a ‘hit’ on the individual. The individual sold several pieces of jewelry at a secondhand shop about 80 miles from where the burglary occurred. I notified the victims at the hospital, and the jewelry was identified as what was taken. The mom cried when they told her the wedding set was one of the items that was recovered. You all make my job easy and keep my customers happy.”

Det. Tonia Norwood
Monroe County Sheriff’s Department

Home health care provider arrester after stealing jewelry

“I just cleared a $21,000 home health care worker theft. My suspect had stolen that amount in jewelry from a woman on hospice care and her husband. The items taken included wedding bands, various necklaces and watches. One of the watches was subsequently recovered from a business near my suspect’s hometown. Unfortunately, this one watch was the only item I was able to recover based on the time-frame of the theft and the time it took the initial report to be made. However, in spite of that, I was able to successfully obtain felony theft charges against this home health care provider.”

Inv. James Grimmett
Orland Park Police Department

2-for-1 deal: LeadsOnline assists investigator in two arrests

“An investigator with the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office was assigned to investigate the theft of three rings from a residence under repair. He obtained the names of all the contractors that came to the house during the time-frame of the theft, and checked them through LeadsOnline. The person of interest had sold two rings. The investigator interviewed the suspect and obtained a confession. The suspect stated that he had sold the stolen rings during the same transaction at the same business. Based on previous issues with the owner of this gold store, the suspect was wired up and sent back to the store in an attempt to get back the stolen property he had sold the owner of the gold store. The owner made several incriminating statements and even searched the suspect for a police wire before finally agreeing to sell the stolen property back to the suspect for twice the value. The owner of the business was arrested for possession of stolen property, falsifying sales records, and obstruction of justice. LeadsOnline not only helped solve the originally investigated grand larceny, but also helped with the arrest of a dishonest gold dealer.”

Sgt. Drew Darby
Hanover County Sheriff’s Office

Stolen jewelry and weapons impossible to find? Sure – Ha!

“I was assigned a residential burglary in which several items of jewelry and weapons were stolen. Utilizing LeadsOnline, I was able to recover all of the jewelry with a value of over $5,000.”

Det. Daniel Schneider
Harriman Police Department

Stolen class ring located in the first 48 hours

“I used LeadsOnline and found my victim’s class ring that had been pawned, and was able to charge the suspect who had broken into the house and stolen several items. My victim was able to get her class ring and her mother’s ring back. I was able to solve this case within two days all because of LeadsOnline.”

Det. Scott Holder
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

He went to Jared, then they went to jail

“A subject at Jared’s Jewelry grabbed a Rolex watch valued at almost $7,000 and run from the store. With the help of LeadsOnline, I was able to locate the watch at a pawn shop in Columbus about 1.5 hours away. I was able to get the watch back to Jared’s as well as make charges on the female subject that pawned it.”

Det. Eddie Myers
Monroe Police Department

Bloomfield, Michigan police identify bad caregiver via LeadsOnline

“A recent theft of expensive Jewelry and watches from an assisted living facility caused much grief among residents and staff. A LeadsOnline search resulted in the identification of a suspect among the employees and the recovery of items.”

Lt. Noel Clason
Bloomfield Hills DPS

$234,600.00 recovered in jewelry and 10 arrests were made with the help of LeadsOnline

“Lexington Police detectives David Fetko, Jeremy Day, and Raymond Terry identified a total of ten individuals that appeared to be working together to pawn stolen high-end jewelry. The victim had recently suffered from a medical condition. The 570 items of jewelry recovered has an appraised retail value of $234,600 and had been passed down to the victim by her mother who was an avid collector of jewelry.

The ten suspects associated with this group have been arrested, indicted by a Grand Jury and currently are awaiting trial.”

Sgt. Kevin Goldie
Lexington Police Department

Family reunions may be awkward for a while

“Last month I came across a person whose home was burglarized in another city that borders Round Rock. While speaking with the victim, she told me about her wedding ring that was taken in the process. The victim described the ring which was very unique. Circumstances indicated it may have been stolen by someone she knew. I ran multiple checks on LeadsOnline when I decided to finally search for diamonds in Williamson County and Travis County. I located one ring with that description and learned who had sold the ring. The suspect was the victim’s sister in law who I learned had broken into her house while she was at work on multiple occasions as other items belonging to the victim from months prior were also found. The victim got back her wedding ring and a couple other pieces of jewelry. Warrants were issued on two persons that were involved in the burglary. The victim was very happy to get her ring back due to emotional attachment and monetary reasons.”

Ofc. Lindsey Scheffler
Round Rock Police Department

Valuables nearly 200 years old recovered in Miami Florida with modern police technology.

“Our district in Miami began experiencing a high level of residential burglaries. One burglary occurred where multiple pieces of jewelry were taken. One of the pieces was a Gold liberty coin from the 1800s encased into a charm with diamonds. I met with the victim which provided a photo of the items and was distraught of having them taken from her bedroom. She said the jewelry had been in her family for generations. I then conducted a LeadsOnline search of a suspect’s name, which had been arrested for an attempted burglary in the area near the victim’s home. The search showed the suspect sold jewelry with a similar description to the victim’s jewelry on the same day the victim reported her burglary. I then went to the Jewelry store and photographed the items. The photo was then shown to the victim, which immediately began to cry and positively identified the items as hers. She also provided vintage photos of her wearing the 1800’s Livery coin charm. The items were then surrendered by the store, and the suspect was arrested and charged. If not for LeadsOnline, the victim would more than likely never have seen her belongings again. LeadsOnline is great.”

Ofc. Julian Cotto
Miami Police Department

One criminal, two victims, three states; Shreveport makes it look as easy as 1-2-3

“Thanks to LeadsOnline our Investigations Bureau was able to locate multiple pieces of stolen jewelry that was stolen from an elderly couple here in Shreveport, LA. The stolen gold jewelry was sold to a business in Shreveport and also to one in Arkansas. A Felony warrant was obtained and the suspect was arrested in Tyler, Texas. The suspect was then extradited back to Louisiana for the charges. Thanks to the LeadsOnline system and their helpful customer service, we were able to close this case out with an arrest.”

Det. Daniel Albrecht
Shreveport Police Department

Stolen jewelry and tough love land woman in Arizona prison

“A female had stolen numerous amounts of jewelry from her mother and step-father. In looking at LeadsOnline I was able to match up a good portion of the stolen jewelry that was sold at numerous Pawn Shops, Jewelry shops, and Coin shops around Tucson. Thousands of dollars in jewelry was returned to the mother and step-father. The daughter plead to charges and faces several years in prison. Thanks for the assistance! ”

Det. William Hanson
Tucson Police Department

$50,000 worth of jewelry recovered from a house burglary in Georgia

“We had a burglary where over $50,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from a residence. The first day that I put the suspects’ name in LeadsOnline, I was able to recover over $35,000 worth of the stolen items. After the arrest, the offender admitted where the unrecovered jewelry was at, plus some additional items that the victim did not know was stolen. Without LeadsOnline, this case might not have ever been solved.”

Investigator Frank Farr
Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Michigan police upgrade to LeadsOnline; Rapidly recover $10,000 ring

“We recently had a theft of a ring valued at $10,000 from a local hotel room. One of our deputies was able to find that the ring was sold at a local store using LeadsOnline. The ring was recovered and has been returned to the owner. A suspect has been identified and will be prosecuted for the theft. The ease of use of LeadsOnline allows our deputies and detectives to search for items quickly. Without LeadsOnline, the delay in receiving information on pawns all but makes it impossible to recover stolen items promptly. This is just one of our many recoveries using your excellent system. Thank You.”

Capt. Randy Fewless
Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline speeds up the process to recover stolen jewelry

“LeadsOnline is a great tool. I have been able to solve many cases using this service. Recently, a 73 year old victim had some jewelry stolen. The victim believed it was the maid but had no proof. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to look up what the suspect had pawned. As an added bonus, the store she took the items to uploaded photos of the merchandise. This became a great tool to use in interviewing the suspect. Jewelry is so hard to find but LeadsOnline made the process fast and simple. I was able to get the stolen items back to the owner before they were melted.”

Det. Matthew Miller
Xenia Police Department

Officer uses LeadsOnline to recover $4,000 worth of jewelry from Philadelphia apartment burglary

“One afternoon the complainant reported a burglary. That morning, she received a call from her landlord asking if she had put a ladder up to her second floor apartment and if she had cut the screen. The complainant said no and told the landlord to call the police. She returned that afternoon and found her jewelry missing. One pearl necklace, two diamond necklaces, three Pandora bracelets, one gold type men’s wedding band, one yellow gold type five emerald cut diamond women’s engagement ring, and one gold type ring with an opal and diamonds around the edge of the opal were all missing. The total value was $4,000. The complainant also stated that there was damage to her kitchen window screen valued at $25. Officer Malone went on LeadsOnline and found the complainant’s jewelry that was sold at a business. Police went to the victim’s apartment and showed the complainant a picture of the jewelry and she positively identified her jewelry. After further evidence was gathered the suspect was arrested for the burglary.”

Ofc. Brian Malone
Philadelphia Police Department

Engagement ring found within minutes of search using LeadsOnline

“I was assigned a theft of an engagement ring from a residence. Needless to say the owner was distraught about losing her ring. Upon receiving the report I called the victim. She told me that she suspected the handyman of the theft. I used LeadsOnline to search the suspect for a selling history. Within minutes I located the ring at a local shop and placed a hold on it. By that afternoon the ring was back safely on the finger it belonged. Thanks to LeadsOnline my job was easy. ”

Sgt. Chris Walden
Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Ohio detective is able to locate multiple pieces of jewelry in a variety of locations after finding victim’s daughter and her boyfriend responsible

“I am a detective in Ohio and have been using LeadsOnline for over a year. Once again, I had success with this program. I was assigned a case where jewelry was removed from the residence. The victim believed it was his daughter. I searched for his daughter and her boyfriend’s name and found all of the jewelry at multiple locations. I was able to place a hold on the jewelry and retrieve it for the victim. I was then able to charge both the individuals with Felony Receiving Stolen Property. I love this program. ”

Det. Kimberly Haines
Jackson Township Police Department

Father and son team busted in Virginia Beach grand larceny after officer ran jewelry through LeadsOnline

“A burglary from a residence was reported earlier this year. The jewelry was found through LeadsOnline one month later with a very clear picture of the items. The victim was able to easily identify her stolen property. Unfortunately, the jewelry was melted down before recovery, but this led to the arrest of a father and son for the burglary, grand larceny, sale of stolen property, and fraud.”

Ofc. Peter Anoia
Virginia Beach Police Department

Jewel thief, who stole $500,000 in jewels, was found and charged using LeadsOnline

“Thanks to LeadsOnline we were able to track a professional jewel thief across Arkansas, Missouri and Iowa. The subject stole $500,000 in jewels from our county and we were able to make the case on the suspect and get charges against him. We were also able to get a big portion of the victim’s jewels back. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Det. Doug Henry
Barry County Sheriff’s Office

Texas detective uses LeadsOnline to unveil that victim’s son is the burglar who stole her jewelry and weapons

“I was recently working a home burglary case in which the complainant just knew it was her neighbors who had broken into her home and stolen all her jewelry and weapons. After a quick check with LeadsOnline, I discovered the complainant’s son had sold all the stolen items. She did not wish to press charges on her son and she paid to get most of her items back. Plus she apologized to her neighbors for falsely accusing them. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Cleveland Dominy
Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office

California officer catches thief using the guise of a moving company to steal patron’s property

“Last month I noticed a number of jewelry items, all from the same person, sold to one of the local businesses. I did a check on the person in CLETS and found they were on probation. I went back to LeadsOnline and did a search on the person for the past few months. I found a number of jewelry items which had not been entered in to NCIC because of the lack of serial numbers. I printed out the information and gave it to our SET team member in charge of probation. He ran a probation search on the person and found a number of items in the home which seemed out of place. He found out the person worked for a moving company and checked with the company. They supplied a list of items submitted by various customers who reported items missing when their stuff was delivered. The officer matched the items to the transaction list from LeadsOnline and found the new items on a current list for a serviceman moving overseas. The items match and the officer moved forward in his arrest of the person and return of the property. None of this would have occurred without the entry of the items into LeadsOnline. Great to have such a valuable tool for law enforcement!”

Ofc. Bonnie Terrill
Riverside County Sheriff’s Office

Brentwood detective helps the elderly and hopes that LeadsOnline will one day be mandatory nation-wide

“LeadsOnline is my primary source for searching transactions since we do not have any businesses in our jurisdiction. Recently, I was able to quickly and effectively locate a substantial amount of jewelry stolen from a retirement facility. All of the jewelry was returned to several very appreciative residents. I am grateful for the convenience of your site and hope that someday reporting to LeadsOnline will become mandatory across the county.”

Det. James Colvin
Brentwood Police Department

Victim gets her one of a kind, custom ring returned with the help of LeadsOnline

“Our first case solved using LeadsOnline resulted in the recovery of a stolen $45,000 ring. My victim reported her ring stolen. She suspected her daughter had taken the ring and may have sold it to a mail in gold buyer as she had recently received literature in the mail from one of them. When I got the got case the following day a quick check of the daughter’s name through LeadsOnline revealed one transaction. That transaction was the sale of her mother’s ring for $6,500 dollars to a high end jewelry buyer in Chicago. I contacted the buyer and was able to recover the ring three days after it was reported stolen. In the end the victim decided not to pursue charges against her daughter, but she got her one of a kind custom designed ring back and was extremely grateful for its return. ”

Det. Jeffrey Lang
South Barrington Police Department

Son steals property from his own father gets caught with LeadsOnline

” During a routine traffic stop and PCS arrest, the subject was run through the system and they returned several hits over the last 8 months. Upon further suspicion, several phone calls were made and it was discovered that the subject’s father was missing several firearms, tools, and jewelry from his residence. I contacted the multiple businesses involved and was able to recover and return 99{eaf91c7142ede36c84724a2d24afac6a4a8d633fc6fbb2c5a4d5437c75438ec9} of father’s property within 24 hrs. ”

Trooper Jeremy Moore
Kentucky State Police Department

Proactive Miamisburg detective got a head start, with LeadsOnline, catching these crooks

“While looking into two burglary suspects I found transaction receipts through LeadsOnline. The two had sold jewelry at a business in an adjoining county. Knowing the jewelry was likely taken in a burglary, I responded to that business and took pictures of the property. An alert was sent to area police departments along with pictures of the jewelry. A detective at Kettering PD advised that this jewelry might belong to one of his victims from a burglary that had occurred on that same day. The victims ultimately identified the jewelry and have been able to recover it from the business. The jewelry had a lot of sentimental value as a number of pieces had belonged to a deceased family member. I will be utilizing LeadsOnline to continue to build a case against these two individuals. ”

Det. Sgt. Jeff Muncy
Miamisburg Police Department

More than $50,000 dollars in recoveries for these Mississippi cases crossing jurisdictional lines

“Between May and June of this year our county experienced a rash of burglaries and thefts involving antique items, recreational vehicles, weapons, and a quantity of expensive jewelry items. As a normal investigative technique LeadsOnline was researched on a daily basis to determine if any of the stolen items would surface. Within days items associated with our thefts and burglaries began to be sold at various businesses within 100 miles of our location. Using the information provided by LeadsOnline, we were able to arrest five suspects. Investigations in two surrounding counties dovetailed into our investigation and by their access to LeadsOnline they too have solved several theft and burglary cases in their jurisdictions. The value of our recoveries alone have exceeded $50,000 in this one case.”

Deputy Sheriff David Blackwell
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Cleaning company’s corrupt employee found guilty of multiple jewelry thefts

“I recently had a case were my victim was missing some jewelry. The items began to go missing around the time his home cleaning company started sending a new person. After finding out her name, I checked it through LeadsOnline and found that she had sold all of my victim’s missing jewelry. I was able to recover all the stolen items as well as link the suspect to several other thefts of client’s jewelry that most victims were unaware of. In the end, she was linked to over five theft cases in our and neighboring jurisdictions. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Lt. Jason Ercole
Senoia Police Department