Police solve homicide of scrap metal recycler because he reported to electronic transactions to law enforcement via LeadsOnline

“We began investigating a homicide case in which the victim, Jack Markowitz, was the buyer and seller of catalytic converters and also reported to LeadsOnline. The victim was found dead inside his burning vehicle on Hwy 57 in Gautier, Mississippi. With little to go on, Investigators soon began piecing together the puzzle. Witnesses who passed by the area described to police a black dodge pickup truck with a metal cage on the back that was seen parked next to the victim prior to the crime. Investigators began using LeadsOnline to run inquiries on each person that the victim recently did business with since he was a reporting dealer. During this search, investigators ran the name Steven Brown who was supposed to meet the victim earlier in the day. What investigators discovered, cracked the case wide open. A recent transaction of catalytic converters between Steven Brown and the victim showed a photograph of the catalytic converters, as well as the back of Brown’s black dodge truck and metal cage. Using this information from LeadsOnline helped investigators solve their homicide case in less than eight hours and resulted in a charge of capital murder against Steven Brown. LeadsOnline has been an invaluable tool for the Gautier Police Department, allowing us to solve countless property crimes. In this case, LeadsOnline helped a reporting scrap metal dealer lead police to the criminal who took his life. We look forward to continued service with LeadsOnline.”

Det. Jonathan Whitfield
Gautier Police Department

Suspect pawns jewelry after murder in Arlington

“There was a capital murder of a well-known figure in the religious community here in Arlington. The detective working the case was able to develop suspect information, but more evidence was needed to tie the suspect to the offense. At the request of the investigating detective, I conducted a suspect search using the LeadsOnline database and found that the suspect had pawned the victim’s jewelry at a pawnshop within walking distance of the murder on the same day as the offense. With this added evidence the suspect was arrested and indicted for capital murder. The suspect pled guilty before the court last week to escape the death penalty. We probably would not have found the victim’s jewelry without LeadsOnline. The fact that the suspect pawned the victim’s jewelry after the offense was discussed at trial. Thanks!”

Det. J.W. McRobbie
Arlington Police Department

LeadsOnline helps secure a life without parole conviction for Capital Murder

“The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office recently secured a life without parole conviction for a Capital Murder charge. The suspect stole items from the residence and the victim’s items were located using LeadsOnline. This ultimately resulted in the issuance of a Capitol Murder Warrant. The suspect was located in a neighboring county and taken into custody without incident, within 72 hours of the offense.”

Sgt. Corley Weatherford
Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office