Victim’s friend turns out to be the suspect of her stolen jewelry

“I received a report about a theft. The victim stated that she was letting a friend stay with her for a couple of days. The victim stated that when her friend left her residence to return to Georgia, she noticed some of her jewelry was gone. I checked LeadsOnline and found out that her friend sold the victim’s jewelry to three different businesses. I was able to retrieve the jewelry that was sold at a business in Martin County. The friend sold one item but subsequently bought it again. I then forwarded the information to a detective in St. Lucie County. Based on the information provided by LeadsOnline, I was able to obtain an arrest warrant on the friend for two counts of dealing in stolen property and false verification of ownership and theft.”

Det. Mykel McMurren
Martin County Sheriff’s Department

Florida police identify victim and recover stolen jewelry using LeadsOnline

“A Flagler County Detective was searching LeadsOnline for stolen jewelry when he identified a single piece of jewelry by the weight. Further investigation revealed that the item was only one of several items sold for a total value of over $1,000 by the same individual. The case is ongoing. Thanks Leads for the continued support!”

Gary DeKay
Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

Serial burglars caught after stealing jewelry from residences

“I have used LeadsOnline for numerous investigations. One case that stands out in particular, is a case where I was able to locate some jewelry belonging to a victim in the Cocoa area. After finding pieces of jewelry belonging to the victim, I conducted a search of the suspect and found numerous pawns along with a second suspect. During the course of the investigation, it revealed the two suspects had committed over eight residential burglaries and sold their items throughout Brevard County. Approximately $5,000 worth of jewelry was located and the suspects were arrested. One suspect pled guilty and received 15 years DOC and the other just pled to 8 years DOC. Without the assistance of LeadsOnline, the case may not have ever been solved. Thank you!”

Agt. Howard Phillips
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

Suspect arrested after stealing 10 guitars and jewelry

“We had a home burglary where a victim reported 10 expensive guitars stolen from his collection. One of the guitars was located in a local business because of a LeadsOnline search. This led to the recovery of all 10 of the stolen guitars, and the identification of a suspect. We learned the suspect had also stolen jewelry from his roommate. Over $10,000 in jewelry and another guitar was reported stolen. The guitar and the majority of jewelry was recovered. Additional charges on the suspect were made and both incidents were cleared by arrest.”

Lt. Gail Russell – FBINAA #181
Bradford County Sheriff’s Office

Valuables nearly 200 years old recovered in Miami Florida with modern police technology.

“Our district in Miami began experiencing a high level of residential burglaries. One burglary occurred where multiple pieces of jewelry were taken. One of the pieces was a Gold liberty coin from the 1800s encased into a charm with diamonds. I met with the victim which provided a photo of the items and was distraught of having them taken from her bedroom. She said the jewelry had been in her family for generations. I then conducted a LeadsOnline search of a suspect’s name, which had been arrested for an attempted burglary in the area near the victim’s home. The search showed the suspect sold jewelry with a similar description to the victim’s jewelry on the same day the victim reported her burglary. I then went to the Jewelry store and photographed the items. The photo was then shown to the victim, which immediately began to cry and positively identified the items as hers. She also provided vintage photos of her wearing the 1800’s Livery coin charm. The items were then surrendered by the store, and the suspect was arrested and charged. If not for LeadsOnline, the victim would more than likely never have seen her belongings again. LeadsOnline is great.”

Ofc. Julian Cotto
Miami Police Department

Convicted felon apprehended on two counts

“I received an e-mail from LeadsOnline about a listed person of interest. I looked into the matter and discovered the person had sold a firearm to a local pawn store. The person of interest was a convicted felon and had no reason or legal authority to be in possession of the firearm. A hold was placed on the firearm. The person of interest was arrested for felon in possession of a firearm, a second degree felony in Florida and also charged with providing fraudulent information to a pawn broker (He was selling the gun for a friend who had no ID). This is a third degree felony as the value was under $300. LeadsOnline helped us secure a convicted felon in the county jail and hopefully prison. By the way, the person of interest was also one of our copper thieves. This was a win-win scenario as it allowed us to get one of many copper thieves off the streets. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Sgt. Donald Howe
Crestview Police Department

Five minutes into using LeadsOnline, and we solved a 12-year-old cold case

“While using the 30-day trial period, one of our detectives was simply walking through some of the features and offerings of LeadsOnline as it was his very FIRST login on the system. Within 5 minutes of simply pointing and clicking through some of the user-friendly tabs and features, he discovered a stolen firearm in Jacksonville, Florida from a 2001 case (that’s 12 years ago!). A hold was placed on the firearm. It was ultimately seized, and the owner was notified. LeadsOnline is already paying off, and we have not even officially signed on (yet). Thank you Leads! We are looking forward to a great partnership in the future.”

Lt. Chris Stallings
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

Florida police arrest suspect for stealing scaffolding from side of business

“A victim stated a large amount of rebar and 19 pieces of scaffolding were taken from the side of a business. An employee for the business recalled seeing a silver Nissan pickup truck exiting the north end of the business parking lot and the pickup had scaffolding frames in the bed of the truck. From two incidents, about 2,500 pounds of rebar valued at $1,500 and 38 scaffolding frames with a value of $5,700 were missing. The total value of all the stolen items was $7,200. During my investigation, I used LeadsOnline to learn of a suspect who drives a silver Nissan pickup truck, had done a lot of scrapping, including a large amount of rebar and metal. While speaking with the subject he admitted to taking rebar he saw by a dumpster. He denied taking any other metal, including scaffolding frames. He pointed out an area within a few feet of the dumpster and claimed this was where he found the rebar. I showed him examples of the scaffolding that was taken, and he denied taking any items that looked like it. Using LeadsOnline I discovered there were 5 specific transactions that involved a large amount of rebar and/ or scaffolding frames. I saw clear photos of scaffolding, exactly like the scaffolding I showed the subject earlier in the day but he denied, in the back of the pickup truck. The subject was arrested and was transported to the police station for an interview. During an interview post-Miranda, he admitted to taking the metal frames which were not by the dumpster. He freely admitted to two instances of going to the business for items, but when he was shown pictures of five different truckloads of rebar he admitted it was possible he got items from the business on five different occasions. He was charged with two violations, one charge for each case number/affidavit, two counts of grand theft valued at $300 or more but less than $5,000.”

Det. Richard Giaccone
Port St. Lucie Police Department

Several burglaries solved in Fernandina Beach with LeadsOnline

“I was assigned a case regarding a burglary to an auto repair/auto sales business. Through my investigation, I developed a person of interest. This person was not from the local area, and I had no way of proving he was in the area during the time of the burglary‚Ķ until I searched LeadsOnline! I was able to solve my burglary, as well as several other burglaries utilizing LeadsOnline. The suspect was in town the day of the burglary selling stolen items from a different burglary that occurred in a different jurisdiction. I recovered stolen tools in both my case and the other agency’s case. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Michael Mazuryk
Fernandina Beach Police Department

LeadsOnline supports evidence of suspect stealing video games from multiple businesses

“A female subject came into a local business in the city of Hialeah. The employee noticed she was very nervous looking as she was looking through a stack of video games on the rack. The employee noticed a large amount of envelopes that contained games were empty, and asked the subject where they were. The subject replied, ‘I did not take the games.’ Right then, the employee reviewed the surveillance video footage and confirmed that the subject did remove many pre-owned video games from their sealed envelopes and put them in her purse. The employee attempted to confront the subject regarding the stolen items, but the subject fled on foot with the video games. The video games were valued at $315. The subject was identified by a license plate number the employee noted from the vehicle. The lead Detective questioned another local business in the city, and an employee identified the same subject as the person who stole several video games on another occasion, totaling $130. The Detective provide me the subject’s name and date of birth, and I ran her information through LeadsOnline. I instantly came up with transactions showing she pawned numerous video games. Unknown to the lead Detective, the subject had an open Domestic Violence case and was at the Hialeah Police Station. One of the burglary Detective’s noticed the subject in the elevator from a BOLO that was issued for Grand Theft of video games. The lead Detective interviewed the subject, and she would not admit to the theft. Later, the subject spoke with the Domestic Violence Advocate where she spontaneous said, ‘I did it for my young son.’ The subject was charged with Grand Theft and transported to jail.”

Det. Donald Duhart
Hialeah Police Department

Violent robbery leads to victim’s death

“Miami Beach PD called us in reference to suspects wanted in a robbery where the victim, a male in his 60’s, died from the beating and an apparent heart attack. The female suspect would befriend the victim, and then the other subjects would jump him. In this particular case, the suspects made off with a decent amount of jewelry. Once the subjects were located, they admitted to pawning the property, and search of LeadsOnline revealed where the property was, ultimately tying them to the crime. The suspects were charged with felony murder and robbery, with additional charges pending.”

Det. Donald Duhart
Hialeah Police Department

LeadsOnline helps track down murderer

“In April, the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department responded to a death investigation, which turned out to be a double homicide. Upon checking a person of interest on LeadsOnline, detectives discovered the individual had sold a Harley Davidson wallet, which was believed to belong to one of the victims. At the time, detectives believed the suspect was in Jacksonville, FL and were en route to that location. As detectives were preparing to leave for Florida, they discovered the suspect was actually in the Chicago, IL area, where he sold the wallet. Subsequently, detectives were able to track down the suspect, which resulted in his capture.”

Sgt. Darrin Frommeyer
McCracken County Sheriff’s Department

LeadsOnline used to find crime traveler in Georgia

“The Autauga County Sheriff’s Office received an unusual telephone call reporting narcotics related activity in a neighborhood. The caller, as it turns out, gave false information about himself and his motive for calling. The suspect, “John Smith”, had purported himself as an undercover police officer resulting in this agency signing a warrant for his arrest for “Impersonation of a Police Officer.” John Smith learned of the warrant through his girlfriend who ran from law enforcement in order to assist John Smith in eluding police contact. During the investigation, it was learned John Smith had a habit of stealing television sets from motels in one location then pawning same in another location away from the first. With the usage of LeadsOnline, this agency was able to locate the areas of where Smith had recently been. Pawn shops from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Missouri that participate in your program enabled this agency to keep up with our suspect then eventually leading to his capture in the State of Georgia. Your LeadsOnline program is an invaluable tool that should be available on every investigator’s desktop.”

Sgt. J.F. Steele
Autauga County Sheriff’s Office

Grandson steals from family and admits to drug addictions

“I recently investigated a case in which the grandson stole several pieces of jewelry from his grandmother. With the assistance of LeadsOnline, I was able to locate the jewelry. When confronted with the evidence I had, the grandson confessed to the theft and dealing in stolen property. More importantly, he admitted to his family and me that he has a drug addiction and wants to enter a drug rehab program.”

Det. Charles Simpson
St. Augustine Police Department

LeadsOnline helps close case and recover stolen photography equipment on eBay

“Okaloosa County Deputies took a report of a vehicle burglary in a Fort Walton Beach neighborhood. The victim said that someone had entered his vehicle while it was parked in the driveway of his residence. The suspect stole approximately $43,603 worth of professional photography equipment and other personal property. A few days later, photography equipment matching the description of what was stolen from the vehicle burglary was located for sale on eBay. Using LeadsOnline, we determined the account of the seller belonged to a female in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We made contact with the female and she informed us that her boyfriend had used her account to sell some photography equipment that he purchased with the intent of reselling. After an in-depth interview with the boyfriend, he confessed to stealing the property and we were able to recover approximately $36,242 worth of the property and deliver it back to a VERY happy victim.”

Inv. Nolan Weeks
Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department

Florida police solve identity theft case with LeadsOnline

We had a victim who received a statement from her bank for the cost of a Dell Laptop that she did not purchase. The victim filed a police report for identity theft in which she suspected her neighbor as a possible suspect. The neighbor was interviewed and denied the allegations and/or purchasing a Dell Laptop. A few weeks later I attended a training on LeadsOnline hosted by Anya and Travis. I ran the neighbor on LeadsOnline, and discovered the neighbor sold several items at a local business in our city. One of the items was a Dell Laptop that was the same color and model of the Dell Laptop purchased with the victim’s personal information. The neighbor was interviewed again and shown the transaction ticket showing the neighbor sold a Dell Laptop. This time she admitted to the fraudulent use of the victim’s personal information, purchasing the Dell Laptop and selling it. She was charged and transported to jail. LeadsOnline is a great tool for law enforcement!”

Det. Juan Amaro
Hialeah Police Department