Murder suspect pawns victim’s gold teeth overlays; Murder solved via LeadsOnline

“The Overland Park Fire Department responded to a fire in an apartment complex. The fire department found the resident lying on the floor. The victim had been stabbed several times in the neck. The fire had been an attempt to cover up the murder. The roommate reported that the last person to be with the victim was his 19 year old son. Reportedly the father and son had been separated for several years and had recently been united. The son also had a cousin that reportedly had some bad feelings towards the victim. At the start of the investigation we had the son identified, but not the cousin. The victim’s family suggested that some of his property may have been missing. I ran a check through LeadsOnline for any activity involving the son or his cousin. I found that the son had pawned some gold teeth overlays the day of the murder. The pawn shop was contacted and the teeth were collected along with the pawn shop’s video of the day. The teeth were identified as the victim’s. The video showed the two suspects entering the pawn shop and the entire transaction.”

Det. Kim Massey
Overland Park Police Department

Selling stolen jewelry to support a drug habit

“I was assigned a larceny case in which the victim reported $11,000 of assorted jewelry stolen from her residence. In her initial report to law enforcement, the victim provided the name of a person she thought may have been responsible. This person, who the victim considered a friend, was known to have once been addicted to illegal drugs and had accessed the victim’s residence around the time of the report. When assigned this case for investigation, the first course of action I took was to run a quick LeadsOnline search. Guess what? The week prior to this incident being reported, our person of interest had visited a local pawnbroker three times in which she had sold numerous amounts of yellow and white gold for scrap. When confronted with evidence against her, the suspect confessed.”

Sr. Inv. K.L. Penley
Catawba County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina