Police arrest Tulsa burglary suspect using LeadsOnline; stolen gun found in Oregon

“I had received information that a felon was currently living in Medford, Oregon and was in possession of a stolen handgun taken out of burglary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I ran the suspect’s name through LeadsOnline and got a hit. The suspect had sold/pawned three stolen digital cameras at a pawn shop in Tulsa prior to coming out to Oregon. The cameras were taken out of the same burglary as the firearm. When I questioned the suspect about pawning any of the stolen property he initially denied it. I was able to show him the LeadsOnline hit and he eventually admitted to his involvement. The property was recovered by the victim. This stolen property would have never been located using our old “hand search” method. LeadsOnline not only allowed us to check local pawn shops, but other locations outside of our jurisdiction.”

Det. Justin Ivens
Medford Police Department

Bowling Green police detective solves 15 year old stolen gun case 300 miles away using LeadsOnline

“I was checking my local pawn shop and I checked the possible NCIC hits on guns. I started to investigate some of the possible hits and this is what happened to a hand gun. A .380 semi auto pistol was sold to my local pawnshop. LeadsOnline matched it with a possible stolen gun hit from 15 years ago out of Bollinger County Missouri Sheriff’s Office. This county is about 300 miles from my location. I made contact with the reporting agency and they were able to locate the original report where this gun was reported as “lost or stolen”. The reporting party reported that his pistol had been stolen or it was washed away in flood water. To our surprise this “stolen or missing” gun was sold to my local pawn shop by the reporting party’s ex wife after all of these years. In less than an hour this 1997 case was solved with the assistance of Leads Online.”

Det. Jeff Kaufman
Bowling Green Police Department

Stolen gun found five years after theft

“I was alerted to a hit on LeadsOnline concerning a stolen handgun. This handgun was stolen out of a vehicle in May, 2008. Using LeadsOnline I was able to clear the suspect that had sold the handgun, and then I tracked it back to a pawn ticket from August, 2011. This ticket gave me a suspect who confessed to having the gun in his possession illegally. I was able to make an arrest this suspect.”

Inv. Gary Gilley
Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office

Birmingham Police locate a stolen gun

“While searching LeadsOnline for stolen property, I discovered a Taurus .40 Cal handgun that was reported stolen during an incident in the Birmingham West Precinct area. There had been no leads in this case until now. All of the pawn information has been given to the investigating detective.”

Det. Eric Grimes
Birmingham Police Department

Texas police recover stolen handgun a year after crime

“Just a note to let you know another stolen handgun was located through LeadsOnline. A handgun was pawned in a city neighboring Beaumont, and I received a hit from LeadsOnline. The weapon had been stolen a year and eight days prior to it being pawned. The stolen property has been recovered. Thank you very much!”

Det. Darleen Wisby
Beaumont Police Department

Guns stolen from pawn shop “grab and go” recovered and lead to closure of other burglaries

“While conducting my daily check of LeadsOnline reports, I noticed a potential hit for a stolen handgun. I also noticed that this handgun was reported to the Sheriff’s Office as being stolen from another pawn shop three days prior. I found that the suspect is also convicted felon. News reported that two subjects did a “grab and go” theft at a gun store, stealing an AR-15. The suspect pawned this stolen rifle at a pawn shop three hours after the theft. I recovered both weapons, and both suspects have been charged in federal court for being felons in possession of firearms and theft from an FFL. During the interviews, several unsolved robberies and burglaries were solved, just based off of a stolen firearm being pawned. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. J.F. Taylor
Charleston Police Department
West Virginia

Stolen handgun recovered in minutes

“Thanks for your quick explanation of how the search works. I located a stolen handgun from 1991 that was just sold to a local business, and that was just within the first 3-4 minutes of being logged in.”

Deputy Roger Hetzel
Crawford County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline thinks you’re a Rock Star for catching crooks!

“I am a Sheriff’s Department Auxillary volunteer with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and am assigned to the Burglary Unit. In that capacity, I am assigned to checking LeadsOnline. Today, I discovered a stolen Ruger using LeadsOnline. I was using the NCIC stolen items report and received a positive hit on an item that had been reported and had recently been pawned. The item has been recovered and the individual was arrested as a result. I always enjoy catching the bad guys and working for a wonderful department. They think I’m a Rock Star.”

Lorrie Smith
Pima County Sheriff’s Department

LeadsOnline “save search” feature helps solve case

“In March, I saved a search on LeadsOnline for a stolen handgun. The gun was stolen during a breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, and there were no definite suspects in the case. Two months later, I received an email from LeadsOnline informing me that there was a hit on the gun. It was discovered that the stolen gun had been sold to one of the businesses in our county. From the help of LeadsOnline, I was able to recover the handgun and return it to the owner. ”

Investigator Austin Jones
Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline’s partnership with NCIC once again helps close a case

“While I was using LeadsOnline, I was able to match an NCIC hit of property taken in one of our residential burglaries. The hit gave us enough information to be able to tie the property stolen in the burglary, specifically a 22 cal. handgun, to a listed and named suspect. The LeadsOnline system seems to be a very good tool.”

Det. Jerry Hanes
San Bernardino Police Department