Ex-girlfriend burglarizes home

“I was assigned a case of a potential home invasion. I asked the homeowners if they were aware of any possible suspects, and they told me they thought that their son’s ex-girlfriend could be a possible suspect. I made multiple searches into LeadsOnline and found the stolen property sold to a jewelry store in nearby Taylor, Michigan by the father of the suspect. We retrieved the stolen property that was valued at roughly $2,000-$3,000. I prepared a search warrant for the suspect’s home, and the home of her father, where more stolen property was recovered. We even recovered a necklace that was not originally reported. After the search was completed, I arrested the suspect. Thank you LeadsOnline for your help in assisting with the prosecution of another criminal!”

Det. Erik Kaledas
Canton Police Department

LeadsOnline identifies suspects that other programs cannot

“I was working a series of home invasion robberies in our city. All I had to identify one of the suspects was a phone number and a description. I checked our police database; no record. I checked our pay-for-use online nationwide database; no record. I searched the internet, but only got the city for the cell phone subscriber. When I ran the phone number with LeadOnline, it gave me the name of my suspect, and showed he sold one of the items stolen during the robbery! This information helped me to author a search warrant that led to the recovery of several more stolen items well as four guns, two of which were confirmed stolen. Four people total were charged in the robberies, and the suspect I identified through LeadsOnline gave a confession. He received over six years in prison and agreed to testify against the gunman, who is looking at 21+ years. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Martin Garland
Bremerton Police Department

Guilty plea in capital murder case

“I was able to talk to the correct investigator this morning in the Aug. 25 home invasion case in Fort Worth, and it turns out that LeadsOnline WAS used in this case. In fact, the system was instrumental in nabbing the first suspect in the case, 17-year-old Brandon Shaw, by tracing the jewelry he and two others stole in the crime to a pawn shop.

The investigator, Detective B.C. Johnson, said they wouldn’t have caught Shaw without LeadsOnline – or it certainly would have taken a much longer time. There is still one suspect at large in the case, but they’ve also arrested the second suspect, 19-year-old Darrell Williams.

The story is that Shaw, Williams, and the other suspect still at large broke into the house and viciously beat the parents in front of their children. (So badly that one of the parents had to have reconstructive surgery.) Moreover, it’s believed these guys may have been involved in a rash of other robberies this year, but that still hasn’t been corroborated yet.

Detective Johnson is a big fan of LeadsOnline, and told me that in addition to this case, it has helped him solve ‘many others.'”

Case update from Det. McRobbie: The suspect in that capital murder case plead guilty before the court last week to escape the death penalty. We probably would not have found the victim’s jewelry without LeadsOnline. The fact that the suspect pawned the victim’s jewelry after the offense was discussed at trial. Thanks!”

Chris Payne
Witherspoon Public Relations
Ft. Worth, TX

Birmingham PD use LeadsOnline to help solve kidnapping and home burglary case

“I was investigating a home invasion robbery and kidnapping where the victim was able to supply the serial number of the item stolen from her. Using LeadsOnline, I located the stolen item in a local shop and determined the identity of the person who sold them. I identified and interviewed the suspect less than 24 hours after the robbery. The defendant was in custody within 72 hours, and the item was returned to the rightful owner. Thanks for your assistance.”

Det. George Montgomery
Birmingham Police Department