Engagement ring stolen during pest control service

“An Aurora man has been charged with felony theft and is accused of stealing jewelry worth over $3,000 from the victim’s home while performing pest control service. The victim noticed that her gold engagement ring with a 1-carat diamond was missing, and she suspected a pest control employee who was in her house recently. Detectives searched through LeadsOnline and found that the suspect had recently sold a similar ring. Detectives recovered the stolen ring and obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect.”

Dep. Chief Scott Buziecki
North Aurora Police Department

Burglary victim discovers relative stole her belongings

“One of our residents reported a home burglary. Using LeadsOnline, we discovered the stolen items were sold at two separate shops. The stolen items included two Samsung tablets and a gold ring. The items were returned to the victim, and it turned out the victim’s nephew was the thief. The victim did not want to press charges because of the family connection. However, she was ecstatic to get her belongings returned so quickly. Thanks again LeadsOnline!”

Det. Dennis Campos
Villa Park Police Department

Burglary suspect denies involvement until presented with evidence from LeadsOnline

“The Chicago Police were notified of a $130,000 loss of jewelry from the apartment of a local resident. The responding Detective served a grand jury subpoena upon the management company of the building and within six hours, most, if not all, of the stolen items were recovered across town. LeadsOnline showed the items were sold by the midnight doorman, who used his own name and presented his Illinois Drivers License. The doorman was located at his home the same evening, and attempted to deny his involvement until LeadsOnline records were presented. He then made a full confession and was subsequently charged with two counts of Burglary.”

Det. William Heneghan
Chicago Police Department

Home health care provider arrester after stealing jewelry

“I just cleared a $21,000 home health care worker theft. My suspect had stolen that amount in jewelry from a woman on hospice care and her husband. The items taken included wedding bands, various necklaces and watches. One of the watches was subsequently recovered from a business near my suspect’s hometown. Unfortunately, this one watch was the only item I was able to recover based on the time-frame of the theft and the time it took the initial report to be made. However, in spite of that, I was able to successfully obtain felony theft charges against this home health care provider.”

Inv. James Grimmett
Orland Park Police Department

Victim gets her one of a kind, custom ring returned with the help of LeadsOnline

“Our first case solved using LeadsOnline resulted in the recovery of a stolen $45,000 ring. My victim reported her ring stolen. She suspected her daughter had taken the ring and may have sold it to a mail in gold buyer as she had recently received literature in the mail from one of them. When I got the got case the following day a quick check of the daughter’s name through LeadsOnline revealed one transaction. That transaction was the sale of her mother’s ring for $6,500 dollars to a high end jewelry buyer in Chicago. I contacted the buyer and was able to recover the ring three days after it was reported stolen. In the end the victim decided not to pursue charges against her daughter, but she got her one of a kind custom designed ring back and was extremely grateful for its return. ”

Det. Jeffrey Lang
South Barrington Police Department

Suspect arrested for scrapping stolen metal outside of sheriff’s jurisdiction

“I located a suspect who was scrapping large amounts of stolen metal, over a couple months, outside of my jurisdiction. After some research, I was able to identify the items as two distinct parts for a train, which were manufactured in our area. After contacting the manufacturing business it was determined that over $30,000 worth of product was stolen. I was able to match up the weight of the stolen product with the weight of the product scrapped at two separate scrap yards by our suspect. This was confirmed by the photos from LeadsOnline and the scrap yards. The same subject also sold various other items, which were retrieved, and I located the business where the items were stolen from. Once the suspect was confronted with the LeadsOnline photos of her scrapping the items she gave a complete confession to the felony theft and a separate burglary.”

Det. Nathan Moravec
Kane County Sheriff’s Office

Using LeadsOnline, detective was able to recover $50,000 in utility property sold and up for auction on eBay

“We were investigating a half dozen burglaries to utility company substations where the suspects stole a large number of power tools and copper wire. Using LeadsOnline, we were able to locate a large number of the stolen items being sold on eBay. LeadsOnline helped us identify the suspects’ eBay accounts as well as complete an inventory of stolen items that had already been sold on eBay and ones that were still up for auction. With the assistance of LeadsOnline, we were able to arrest both subjects and they are now looking at multiple felonies; and we recovered almost $50,000 in utility property! Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Chris Loudon
Lisle Police Department

Property in retail theft recovered and returned

“With the assistance of LeadsOnline, I was able to identify the suspect involved in two retail thefts. The property was sold to a secondhand store within hours of the theft and I recovered the property. The case resulted in criminal charges.”

Det. Vince Bruett
Bloomington Police Department

Suspect arrested after stealing multiple vacuums from local stores

“I was informed by the patrol division that a local store in town had reported a suspect for stealing Dyson vacuum cleaners valued at $600 on 3 separate dates. I was also informed by the store loss prevention team that the same suspect had also committed similar thefts at stores in several other towns around the area. I used LeadsOnline to search for Dyson vacuums around the area and located several vacuums sold around the dates of each theft. During the investigation, several suspects were developed from the LeadsOnline reports. I was able to track down several of the suspects to interview them, and they admitted they received the items from a ‘friend’ who had asked them to sell them. A positive ID was made on the ‘friend’ and arrest warrants were obtained. The offender and his accomplice were taken into custody and charged with over 16 felony charges of burglary and theft. The LeadsOnline website was vital to this investigation and a majority of the items stolen were recovered and returned to the store.”

Patrol Michael Bush
Mundelein Police Department

Department stores targeted by high end vacuum thief

“I located a Dyson vacuum that was sold about 40 minutes after it was stolen from a Kohl’s Department Store. Information obtained from the transaction led me to the suspect’s friend, who drove him to the Kohl’s Department Store. The suspect was subsequently arrested for burglary and two counts of felony retail theft. This information also helped obtain charges on the same suspect for thefts in surrounding jurisdictions.”

Det. Shaun Knight
Lake Zurich Police Department

Law enforcement cleaning up with LeadsOnline

“We received a retail theft report from a business in which an unknown offender walked out of the store with three Dyson Vacuums. Their loss and prevention department provided us with the serial numbers for the stolen vacuum cleaners. A LeadsOnline search showed the vacuum cleaners were sold at a pawn shop located 25 miles away from our town. The offender was currently out on bond for committing a similar retail theft in another jurisdiction.”

Det. Chris Allen
Plainfield Police Department

Rash of retail thefts brought to an end with the help of LeadsOnline

“This summer, a major home improvement center was alerted to a person concealing WIFI thermostats on their person and leaving their store. Loss prevention at this chain reviewed video of the incident and determined that the suspect removed two of these high valued thermostats and left the store without paying. We ran a search of the model number and brand of the thermostat and were able to locate the items being sold at a local business via use of LeadsOnline. Upon looking at photos of the offender from the retail store video and the identification provided to the business by the suspect, we were able to identify the individual who stole the items. Upon further checking of transaction records from LeadsOnline we were able to connect the offender with several other jurisdictions and a rash of retail thefts that were committed there as well. Because of LeadsOnline, we were able to link the offender to several thefts across multiple jurisdictions and counties and bring him and others to justice.”

Lt. John Dossey
Hanover Park Police Department

LeadsOnline helps track down murderer

“In April, the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department responded to a death investigation, which turned out to be a double homicide. Upon checking a person of interest on LeadsOnline, detectives discovered the individual had sold a Harley Davidson wallet, which was believed to belong to one of the victims. At the time, detectives believed the suspect was in Jacksonville, FL and were en route to that location. As detectives were preparing to leave for Florida, they discovered the suspect was actually in the Chicago, IL area, where he sold the wallet. Subsequently, detectives were able to track down the suspect, which resulted in his capture.”

Sgt. Darrin Frommeyer
McCracken County Sheriff’s Department

A felon, a shotgun and cocaine

“While conducting a drug investigation and after entering the suspect information in LeadsOnline I found that the subject, who was a felon, had sold a Mossberg 20g shotgun to a local business. While serving the warrant for the charge, we located a large amount of cocaine in his apartment. ”

Det. Richard Reece
Lakemoor Police Department

Felony charges for misuse of company credit card

“I was investigating an unlawful use of credit card case where an employee used the company’s credit card to purchase tools from Home Depot, but the tools never ended up at the business. The employee claimed he bought the tools and delivered them to the business, and he said someone must have stolen them. I checked the employee’s home, Craigslist, eBay and the other sales sites, but I was unable to locate any of the stolen tools. When I checked LeadsOnline, I found the employee sold several of the missing tools at multiple pawn shops in our area. Along with the recovery of the tools, I obtained video of the employee during the actual sale of the items, which lead to felony charges against the employee. Without assistance from LeadsOnline, this case might not have come to a successful conclusion.”

Det. Michael Pentecost
Glendale Heights Police Department

Three municipalities use LeadsOnline to arrest and charge Rolex thief

“I recovered a Rolex watch valued at almost $9K. The watch was purchased with a bad check on a closed account and sold at a local business. The watch was recovered, and the very next day the suspect was taken into custody for my agency, as well as Harwood Heights and Oak Park. All three municipalities had charges on the same suspect and utilized LeadsOnline for their cases. LeadsOnline is a great tool for law enforcement.”

Officer Rich Stoettner
Orland Park Police Department

Speedy customer services helps an Alabama detective track down stolen property

“While investigating numerous thefts, I contacted LeadsOnline because I was unable to run a search through eBay listings to look for stolen property. I use LeasdsOnline on a regular basis; however, I have never conducted a search for user ID info through the eBay search. I emailed LeadsOnline with a question and was contacted almost immediately. The employee explained to me how to get the information I was requesting. I was able to search and pull up all listings for the suspect which included numerous suspected stolen items. I later interviewed the suspect and obtained a confession on how she stole all these items from a local store. I used the listings to verify everything she stole. I was able to recover some of the stolen property and return it to its owner. By using LeadsOnline, I was able to identify numerous other stolen items besides what was originally reported, and then make an arrest.”

Det. Darren Wolters
Normal Police Department

Employee theft of auto parts solved via LeadsOnline eBay. Back to Normal in Illinois.

“Thanks for teaming with eBay. I was able to use your eBay search to locate numerous stolen items related to an auto parts manager stealing items from a dealership and selling them on eBay. He sold over $10,000 in auto parts. Thanks to LeadsOnline, we were able to track a lot of the items down. This tool was a big part of making the business owner happy with our investigation. Thanks.”

Det. Jake Zabukovec
Normal Illinois Police Department

University police find stolen property taken out of state

“Northwestern University police were able to locate six laptop computers were stolen by a former employee by using LeadsOnline. The computers were stolen here in Illinois, and subsequently located in three separate pawn shops in northwest Indiana. The location of these laptops ties in a major part of the investigation to where we could upgrade the charges to a higher class of felony.”

Sgt. Robert Wiley
Northwestern University Police Department

LeadsOnline provides family with comfort about loved one

“I’ve been a Police Officer for 15 years and I wish would’ve started using LeadsOnline sooner. A family in my town reported their adult sister missing who is homeless. Even though she’s homeless, she consistently checked in every month, sometimes twice a month. Three months had gone by with no contact, no social media usage, etc. The family was convinced that she may be dead. We found that she had sold items through the LeadsOnline database. Even though contact was never made, it brought relief to the family that she was still alive. Thanks, LeadsOnline.”

Det. Theo Kallantzes
Huntley Police Department