LeadsOnline provides evidence to secure the arrest of crooks

“To the wonderful people at LeadsOnline, I am a criminal investigator at the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia. I received a report for a larceny of $3,000 worth of gold jewelry that was stolen from a residential safe. The victim named a possible suspect. However, upon speaking with the suspect, he denied any knowledge of such theft. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I searched for the suspect and found he sold the gold jewelry the same day it was reported stolen. Because of this database, I recovered the stolen jewelry, and it was positively identified by the victim. The suspect was appropriately charged, and is still incarcerated pending trial at this time. Thank you guys for all you do!!”

Inv. Caleb Spence
Augusta County Sheriff’s Office

Local jewelry store catches employee

“A local jewelry store filed a police report stating they had gold jewelry missing from their inventory. They suspected an employee took the jewelry but did not know which employee and could not even pinpoint when it occurred. I searched LeadsOnline to see if any of the employees sold any jewelry, and one had. The business where this employee sold the jewelry actually photographed and uploaded those items into the database. I emailed the photos to the loss prevention officer from the jewelers. He positively identified the photos, and matched each photo to an item missing from the inventory. The employee was charged with larceny by employee, and the photographs and transaction records from LeadsOnline aided in getting the employee to confess to the crime.”

Det. Morgan Malone
Monroe Police Department
North Carolina

Virginia police arrest man for stealing his mother’s jewelry

“I recently solved a grand larceny case using LeadsOnline. After taking a report regarding stolen jewelry, I located it using LeadsOnline. It was her son who stole and sold the jewelry. After confronting him with the information, he gave a statement admitting to the theft. He was charged with grand larceny.”

Inv. Mark Davis
Henry County Sheriff’s Office

Leads delivers results the first time for North Carolina Police

“One of my first assigned cases was a breaking and entering of a residence with a larceny of a shotgun. This was one of my first experiences with LeadsOnline. I ran the suspect’s name through the system, and the first search showed me everything I needed to know. I’m really impressed with the LeadsOnline system, and I try to tell any other agency I come in contact with about it. My suspect had actually sold a lot of other property, and I was able to recover other stolen items he sold. Thanks for an awesome system.”

Det. Ronald Clarke
Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

Firearms recovered from fleeing suspect

“Thanks to LeadsOnline I was able to locate and recover a stolen firearm for one of my victims. The suspect fled arrest and crossed state lines into West Virginia and sold the stolen rifle. Because of LeadsOnline the firearm was recovered and returned to the owner, and the suspect was later located and arrested for the B&E&L into a residence and Larceny of Firearms, along with several other charges.”

Lt. Lee Whitesides
Davie County Sheriff’s Office / CID
North Carolina

Suspect admits to stealing three firearms when confronted with LeadsOnline evidence

“I was working a case involving larceny of a firearm. While interviewing the suspect, I used LeadsOnline to show he sold a Ruger black powder pistol to a local shop. This Ruger pistol was not reported as stolen, and the suspect had no history and only a traffic violation on his criminal report. The suspect then confessed to stealing not just one, but three firearms from my victim. I only wish ALL secondhand stores were on LeadsOnline. I also hope that, in the future, photos of jewelry will be required to be submitted by our local dealers. Thanks, LeadsOnline, for another case closed!!!”

Det. Matthew Burgess
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

Several sentimental guns recovered for victimized family in South Carolina

“I was assigned a Larceny report involving several guns that were stolen from my victim. Although the guns have monetary value to them, they were more sentimental because they were inherited from various family members. The victim provided a name of another family member who he thought may have been responsible for the theft of the guns. I checked LeadsOnline and found he sold 10 stolen guns over the course of a three month period. The majority of the guns had already been sold to a second party by then, but the pawn shop was kind enough to contact the current owners, advise them they were stolen, and offer them store credit so they would not be out any money. I was able to recover all of the stolen guns and signed seven felony warrants on the suspect.”

Inv. Christopher Brumlow
Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office
South Carolina

Local subdivision targeted by crook in several thefts

“There had been several thefts reported in a local subdivision. The items stolen included tools, guns and some mowers. The victims did not have serial numbers on most of the stolen items. By looking up just the name brands of the stolen items in LeadsOnline, we were able to match larceny dates with similar type name brands and items being sold. The suspect was put under surveillance, was arrested and confessed to several of the thefts in the area. Victims were able to go to the businesses and identify their stolen tools. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Inv. Melanie Bibens
Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline and Onslow County Sheriff’s Office keep the memories in the family by recovering this navy vet’s priceless family heirlooms

“A 69 year old Navy Veteran in our county was a victim of a felony breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny, larceny after breaking and entering and larceny of a firearm. The value of the stolen property was estimated at $100,000. These items had been given to him by his father, who has since passed away, so the sentimental value of the stolen items was priceless to him. Most of the items were Military Memorabilia. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I was able to positively identify two suspects, recover nearly all of the items, including a Model 1911, .45 Caliber Pistol, which was recovered several states away. Unfortunately, the Victim had not recorded the serial number, which could have made it nearly impossible to recover. This was a family heirloom that had been given to him by his deceased father, and could not ever be replaced. This was a textbook case, which involved a joint effort between multiple jurisdictions, to include both military and civilian agencies, which all resulted from a lead provided by a hit on a LeadsOnline inquiry. Thank you for all you do to assist us in “Shining the light of Justice on the Darkness of Crime”. ”

Det. Robert Spade
Onslow County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

Suspect confesses to $70,000 in metal theft when presented with evidence provided by electronic reporting

“While investigating a larceny of approximately $70,000 worth of copper occurring over an eight month period from a local manufacturing facility, a suspect was developed in the case. Once the suspect was apprehended in the act of stealing more copper from the business he was subsequently interviewed. After being presented with the data of all of his transactions from selling copper that were retrieved form LeadsOnline, the suspect gave a full confession. After the confession, the subject was charged with 14 counts of larceny and 14 counts of Burglary in the second degree. Thanks to the easy access to LeadsOnline, I was able to quickly gather all of the subject’s sales data, which resulted in a successful interview and confession.”

Deputy Garrett Cash
Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol
South Carolina

Electric car chargers stolen and found on eBay

“I was assigned a case where a local Nissan dealership reported two Nissan Leaf electric car chargers stolen. The owner’s wife located a few sales on eBay that contained similar items in similar time frames. I ran the seller ID connected to the items and discovered that the seller was an employee of the same Nissan dealership. Coincidentally, he was charged with two counts of larceny by employee. The normal process to obtain this information through eBay takes 20-45 days on average. LeadsOnline saved me a lot of time and effort and helped me close this case quickly.”

Det. Nathan Lecompte
Greenville Police Department
North Carolina

Suspect caught selling stolen items from local home improvement stores and Walmarts

“I was doing an extensive background check on a suspect that was selling brand new drills. The drills were stolen from several home improvement stores in our city. The stores were not aware of the larcenies until I made them aware of the situation. The estimated cost of the drills were $5,000 and I also noticed that the suspect was selling brand new Samsung cameras, Toshiba hard drives, 15 wireless routers, and several computer keyboards. Those items were stolen from our local Walmart stores and they also did not know the items were stolen until we notified them. All the property that was sold by the suspect was recovered and the suspect was charged and eventually convicted. I feel that LeadsOnline is a very useful tool and I have closed several other cases using Leads.”

Det. John Alexander
Greensboro Police Department
North Carolina

Trio of suspects caught in larceny with hard evidence confirmed with LeadsOnline

“For over six months, a local jewelry store was reporting that they were having an issue with three unidentified suspects stealing expensive watches. In all the reported thefts, it was the same three suspects. Two of the suspects would cause a diversion and then the third suspect would commit the larceny. In one instance the suspects were observed leaving the scene in a vehicle with limited descriptors. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to determine who the suspects were through the repeated transactions option. There were hits during the reported time frames of the thefts. Further investigation revealed the main suspect had known the associates that were also identified as the remaining two suspects who were also selling the same brand of expensive stolen watches. The main suspect also drove the same make, model, and color vehicle observed during one of the larcenies. A short time after that larceny occurred; the main suspect was selling the watches at a local business. The information from LeadsOnline was used to confirm the identities of the suspects. LeadsOnline also assisted in identifying the stolen watches and gave a time line of events that coincided with the reported larcenies. In total, 19 of 22 watches have been recovered and all three suspects have been identified and arrested.”

Det. Wilbur Oneal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina

Selling stolen jewelry to support a drug habit

“I was assigned a larceny case in which the victim reported $11,000 of assorted jewelry stolen from her residence. In her initial report to law enforcement, the victim provided the name of a person she thought may have been responsible. This person, who the victim considered a friend, was known to have once been addicted to illegal drugs and had accessed the victim’s residence around the time of the report. When assigned this case for investigation, the first course of action I took was to run a quick LeadsOnline search. Guess what? The week prior to this incident being reported, our person of interest had visited a local pawnbroker three times in which she had sold numerous amounts of yellow and white gold for scrap. When confronted with evidence against her, the suspect confessed.”

Sr. Inv. K.L. Penley
Catawba County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina