Police recover over $10,000 worth of stolen jewelry for victim

“I am submitting this on behalf of Detective Christopher Lis. Our department was handling a jewelry theft from a residence. There were no signs of forced entry. The victim provided investigators with a time frame and a list of people who had access to the jewelry. We conducted a LeadsOnline search on the list of subject names provided by the victim and discovered the victim’s cleaning lady sold numerous pieces of jewelry to a local shop during the time frame. The transaction tickets matched the description of the victim’s missing items. The items were recovered and identified by the victim. The total recovery value was approximately $10,000.”

Sgt. Timothy Woll
Cumru Township Police Department

Police recover sentimental jewelry from crime victim while using the LeadsOnline free trial

“The Northampton Township Police Department obtained the free trial period of LeadsOnline. Within two weeks, we solved two felony theft cases and were able to re-unite a crime victim with some of their beloved jewelry. Without LeadsOnline, these investigations would have been extremely difficult to solve. Now we are committed to keeping LeadsOnline so that we can solve even more crimes.”

Det. Sgt. Charles Pinkerton
Northampton Township Police Department

Officer uses LeadsOnline to recover $4,000 worth of jewelry from Philadelphia apartment burglary

“One afternoon the complainant reported a burglary. That morning, she received a call from her landlord asking if she had put a ladder up to her second floor apartment and if she had cut the screen. The complainant said no and told the landlord to call the police. She returned that afternoon and found her jewelry missing. One pearl necklace, two diamond necklaces, three Pandora bracelets, one gold type men’s wedding band, one yellow gold type five emerald cut diamond women’s engagement ring, and one gold type ring with an opal and diamonds around the edge of the opal were all missing. The total value was $4,000. The complainant also stated that there was damage to her kitchen window screen valued at $25. Officer Malone went on LeadsOnline and found the complainant’s jewelry that was sold at a business. Police went to the victim’s apartment and showed the complainant a picture of the jewelry and she positively identified her jewelry. After further evidence was gathered the suspect was arrested for the burglary.”

Ofc. Brian Malone
Philadelphia Police Department

Diamond ring found immediately after joining LeadsOnline

“Within 5 minutes of becoming a member, I was able to solve the theft of an $8,000 diamond ring that was stolen from a jewelry store in our town. Upon checking possible suspects, I found the ring in Philadelphia. A few days later I interviewed the suspect and a confession to the theft was obtained. This is a wonderful tool that paid for itself in five minutes of use. I can just imagine the cases I will be able clear with a full year of use. Our department is quite pleased!”

Sgt. Randy Morris
Bristol Borough Police

Stolen cell phones and iPods recovered on eBay

“I was investigating a case where numerous cell phones and iPods were stolen from a local high school. One of the phones was reported as stolen by the person who purchased it on eBay because of a message on the screen when she received it. I received information from the buyer about the eBay seller and used LeadsOnline to determine who the seller was. I learned he sold seven more items that were also stolen from his school. LeadsOnline saved me numerous hours of work by having the information available at my fingertips.”

Det. John Mick
Lower Merion Police Department