Stolen class ring recovered hours after it was stolen

“I recently worked a case where a class ring valued at $800 was stolen while the victim was at work. By utilizing LeadsOnline, I was able to locate the ring just hours after it was stolen. I was able to recover the ring, and the suspect has since been arrested for the theft.”

Det. Chris Tusi
Conroe Police Department

Cleaning company’s corrupt employee found guilty of multiple jewelry thefts

“I recently had a case were my victim was missing some jewelry. The items began to go missing around the time his home cleaning company started sending a new person. After finding out her name, I checked it through LeadsOnline and found that she had sold all of my victim’s missing jewelry. I was able to recover all the stolen items as well as link the suspect to several other thefts of client’s jewelry that most victims were unaware of. In the end, she was linked to over five theft cases in our and neighboring jurisdictions. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Lt. Jason Ercole
Senoia Police Department

Stolen firearms recovered and felony arrests made in crime against elderly Kentucky woman

“I was contacted by another agency who had requested my help in a stolen jewelry and firearm case. The victim was a recently widowed elderly female who felt that a family member may have been coming into her home over the course of several months and stealing her jewelry and her late husband’s firearms. I was able to recover four of the seven stolen firearms and most of the missing jewelry using LeadsOnline. The items not recovered were in fact located using LeadsOnline, however the thefts occurred over a period of about eight months and some of the items had been sold or in the case of the jewelry melted down. The total value of all the items actually recovered was in excess of $45,000 (One ring appraised at $40,000). The victim’s relative and her boyfriend were identified as the suspects in this case using LeadsOnline and were ultimately charged with numerous felonies.”

Det. Benjamin Shirley
Lexington Police Department

West Virginia police recover 67 stolen firearms using LeadsOnline

“We were able to recover approximately 67 firearms valued at approximately $20,000 and jewelry valued at $2,500. These items were taken from one residence and pawned over two months. Based on the information gained from having LeadsOnline, we are able to recover most of the firearms and jewelry for the victim in this incident. The monetary amounts mentioned were the total given to the suspects in this case from the pawn shops. If we did not have LeadsOnline we probably would not have been able to recover these items. The victim was extremely happy that we were able to locate his items. We here at the Charleston Police Department Criminal Investigation Division are very pleased with LeadsOnline.”

Det. D.L. Workman
Charleston Police Department
West Virginia

Leads delivers results the first time for North Carolina Police

“One of my first assigned cases was a breaking and entering of a residence with a larceny of a shotgun. This was one of my first experiences with LeadsOnline. I ran the suspect’s name through the system, and the first search showed me everything I needed to know. I’m really impressed with the LeadsOnline system, and I try to tell any other agency I come in contact with about it. My suspect had actually sold a lot of other property, and I was able to recover other stolen items he sold. Thanks for an awesome system.”

Det. Ronald Clarke
Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

Fellow police officer’s stolen firearm returned with the help of LeadsOnline

“I was working a residential burglary case where the victim, who is a police officer, had several firearms stolen. I checked the suspect through LeadsOnline and was able to locate and recover all firearms, which were sold at several different locations. Using LeadsOnline not only helped me develop and confirm my suspect, but it made it very easy to quickly recover the property.”

Det. Jason Smith
Tomball Police Department

Christmas comes early when firearm is recovered 16 years after being stolen

“I was able to identify and recover a Winchester pump shotgun that was stolen from a Korean War Veteran’s home in 2000. Yes, you read that right-16 years ago! I couldn’t have only done this without the assistance of LeadsOnline. The victim stated that at his age of 84, he didn’t ever think that he would see his shotgun again. He relayed a story to me about the gun being given to him by his uncle who adopted him when he was a small child. He stated that out of all the things that were stolen that day, the shotgun was his prize possession because of it being a gift from the man who raised him. I would like to thank LeadsOnline on behalf of this man and all of the other victims that your service has helped. The victim stated that Christmas came early this year and he was overjoyed!”

Sgt. Detective Ellen Scheirer
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline proves its purpose

“We talked in April about getting LeadsOnline. After our conversation, I made the comment to the other investigators that it was great that LeadsOnline was helping them, but I was ready for a turn. Twenty minutes later, I was assigned a case and LeadsOnline helped me recover two stolen guns in a matter of minutes. Awesome. Thanks again.”

Officer Lanis Geluso
Virginia Beach Police Department

Chainsaw stolen from local business recovered

“A chainsaw was stolen from a local business, and my Sergeant said that it was likely to be sold because it was brand new and never used. I asked if it had been run through LeadsOnline to check, and she told me that it had not. I logged in to LeadsOnline and ran it through and then put a BOLO on it. Low and behold, I came to work the next day and had a hit on it. The officer received the information, made contact with the shop and is now in the process of getting the property back as well as a warrant for the suspect. All thanks in large part to LeadsOnline!”

Disp. Kyle Davis
Bentonville Police Department

Walmart thieves caught and arrested

“I am requesting that Inv. Jason Greenlee be nominated as a “Rock Star” due to his recent involvement in catching some bad guys stealing from several major retailers located in Louisiana and selling the items throughout the state. Inv. Greenlee was able to recover several thousands of dollars worth of merchandise using LeadsOnline. Warrants were obtained on the bad guys with the sharing of different agencies and with the help and information from LeadsOnline.”

Deputy Ashley Wyant
Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office

Property in retail theft recovered and returned

“With the assistance of LeadsOnline, I was able to identify the suspect involved in two retail thefts. The property was sold to a secondhand store within hours of the theft and I recovered the property. The case resulted in criminal charges.”

Det. Vince Bruett
Bloomington Police Department

Verona PD recover $4,000 worth of stolen tools

“LeadsOnline helped me locate approximately $4,000 worth of stolen electrical tools, and arrest two individuals, resulting in several felony charges. The recovery of these tools alone relieved the victim business of the hardship that was caused by the theft, and allowed them to continue with their operations. Without LeadsOnline, all of the suspects would not have been identified, and the majority of the tools would not have been recovered. The majority of my theft and burglary cases start by utilizing LeadsOnline! Thank you!”

Officer Travis Wetter
Verona Police Department

Wisconsin police end couple’s year-long retail theft ring

“A local retail store contacted our department about a female who was caught stealing Box Sets of DVDs. Upon searching LeadsOnline we discovered she had sold multiple stolen items. We determined her boyfriend had also been stealing and had sold a large quantity of property. These thefts had been going on for over a year. As a result of using LeadsOnline, we were able to recover some of the property, and request restitution for the rest. This minor theft turned out to be a felony theft rather than a municipal citation. LeadsOnline is a tremendous investigative tool, which has benefitted our department greatly. Way to go!”

Sgt. Thomas Schmit
Fitchburg Police Department

Police recover television stolen from local business

“We had a report of a stolen television from a local business, and as the officers were responding, we put the information into LeadsOnline. We received a hit on the stolen television with all the information we needed. Soon after, the officers recovered the TV at the pawn shop and a warrant will be issued for the suspect. Thanks for all that you do and making this possible!”

Dispatcher Kyle Davis
Bentonville Police Department

Suspect arrested after renting and selling tools from five separate rental businesses

“Just wanted to pass along another success story. I’m finishing the investigation on a case that started out with my suspect renting equipment from a tool rental business and then never returning it. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I found the suspect sold the equipment to a pawn shop the same day he rented it. The suspect was having the equipment charged to the state of Indiana. After checking further, I found that he sold equipment that he rented from five other equipment businesses over a period of a month. Due to LeadsOnline, we have been able to recover almost all of the equipment with a total value of nearly $30,000. Great work on your guys’ part, and thanks for having a great resource for us to use.”

Det. Larry Craciunoiu
Indianapolis Police Department

Business catches employee stealing $1,700 worth of property

“I investigated a breach of trust type of case in which a company’s employee had been removing property from the business and selling it to pawn shops for cash. The victim was unaware of exactly how much property had been stolen at the time of the report. Using the employees name to search, I discovered that the employee had sold approximately $1,700 worth of property and lawn care equipment to multiple pawn shops. The victim was able to identify all of their property, and it was quickly recovered. This discovery resulted in an arrest.”

Det. Brian Smith
Lexington County Sheriff’s Department
South Carolina

$23,000 worth of property recovered for business before they even knew it was stolen

“I was reviewing the results of a search when I noticed one gentleman sold several 1000 lb electric hoists, brand new in the box, at one of our local secondhand stores. A little research on the hoists revealed only one business in the area that sold such equipment. I contacted the business and asked them to conduct a physical inventory of their hoists. A total of nine hoists were missing from the shelves, the exact same number that had been sold at the secondhand store. The person who sold the equipment turned out to be the shipping and receiving manager for the company. He was arrested and charged for the thefts, and the company was able to recover approximately $23,000 worth of inventory they didn’t even know was missing. Without LeadsOnline, the crime might not have been discovered at all, or may have come to light after the property had been liquidated.”

Det. Patrick Sutherland
Toledo Police Department

Stolen gun found one year later with NCIC hit

“On December 29, 2009, I responded to a burglary involving a stolen firearm, a Phoenix .22 caliber semi automatic. I quickly developed a lead and subsequently made an arrest and charged a female with the burglary, however she did not disclose the location of the stolen firearm. Almost exactly one year later, on 27th day of December 2010, the said stolen firearm was recovered in a local pawn shop with the help of LeadsOnline NCIC Hits. Thanks to LeadsOnline for helping take another stolen firearm off the street, and making the community and our police officers safer with the weapon back in our hands and not in the hands of the bad guys.”

Det. C.L. Buttrick
Marmet Police Department
West Virginia

Gun stolen two years ago recovered

“On March 2, 2011, I was checking my NCIC Hits and located a hunting rifle that had been stolen from a house in George County, MS in 2008. The rifle had been pawned at a store in Jackson County, MS. The suspect was already in jail at the time, but this rifle was the last of five that that had been recovered. It is great to be able to return property to people after they have been violated in such a manner. Thanks to LeadsOnline for what you do.”

Det. Jason L. Smith
George County Sheriff’s Department

$40,000 worth of jewelry stolen at gunpoint, suspect arrested with help of LeadsOnline

“A jewelry store in Monroe was robbed at gunpoint. Nearly $40,000 worth of jewelry was stolen during the robbery. During the investigation, I searched LeadsOnline and found my prime suspect’s brother sold a ring at a local secondhand shop. The shop photographed the item, and I identified it as belonging to the jewelers. After getting the ring back, we charged the suspect, and recovered about $12,000 worth of the stolen jewelry in his apartment.”

Det. Morgan Malone
Monroe Police Department
North Carolina

Time to fess up

“I was able to arrest a subject last week after recovering over 15 items on LeadsOnline.

The suspect started using ‘crack’ about six months ago and to support his habit he stole jewelry, guns, video games and several other items from neighbors and family members. With the help of LeadsOnline, I recovered almost all of the stolen items.

I was also able to get a confession once I showed [the suspect] the pawn tickets from your system. As a result, warrants were issued yesterday.”

Thank you.”

Det. Sgt. Keith Stumpf
Woodson Terrace Police Department

Stolen property returned to Georgia crime victims thanks to jurisdictions using LeadsOnline and eBay investigations tools

“I was able to use the LeadsOnline eBay site listing to look up an individual that was stealing items from our area. I received the information from a concerned citizen that this individual was shipping several lawn care equipment items that he sold on eBay through the mail on a regular basis. After checking his eBay account, thanks to LeadsOnline, I, along with Investigators from other cities and counties in the surrounding area, were able to locate where the suspect had sold numerous items online which were all stolen from the different jurisdictions. Thanks to LeadsOnline we were able to recover a few items but more importantly return property back to our victims.”

Det. Casey Fuller
West Point Police Department

Felony charges for misuse of company credit card

“I was investigating an unlawful use of credit card case where an employee used the company’s credit card to purchase tools from Home Depot, but the tools never ended up at the business. The employee claimed he bought the tools and delivered them to the business, and he said someone must have stolen them. I checked the employee’s home, Craigslist, eBay and the other sales sites, but I was unable to locate any of the stolen tools. When I checked LeadsOnline, I found the employee sold several of the missing tools at multiple pawn shops in our area. Along with the recovery of the tools, I obtained video of the employee during the actual sale of the items, which lead to felony charges against the employee. Without assistance from LeadsOnline, this case might not have come to a successful conclusion.”

Det. Michael Pentecost
Glendale Heights Police Department

Elderly couple’s son fraudulently uses their credit cards and steals jewelry

“An elderly couple in our city reported the fraudulent use of one of their credit cards. In the initial interview with the victims, their 50-year-old son was identified as the person responsible for the fraudulent charges. After several days, this couple noticed that some of their jewelry was missing. At first, they thought the jewelry might have been misplaced. Since the couple’s son had already been established as a suspect in the credit card use, a LeadsOnline search was conducted under his name. Seven transactions with the son as the seller were located in an adjacent city. The jewelry was positively identified as the missing jewelry, and confiscated as evidence. The original tickets with the signature and fingerprint of the suspect were received from the Police Department of the city where these transactions were made. The business provided video of the transactions, and this showed the suspect selling the stolen jewelry. This case is now awaiting prosecution.”

Lt. Jim Sepi
Winslow Police Department

Fraudulently purchased jewelry sold and recovered at local secondhand business

“An initial report to our call center started an investigation concerning a suspect making fraudulent purchases on a closed account to a well-known jeweler in the Raleigh area. During the investigation, it was learned the suspect made a $15,000 purchase in one day, and then, at a later date sold the jewelry to a local pawn shop. A search on LeadsOnline indicated the whereabouts of the stolen jewelry, and also revealed other fraudulent purchases from other jewelry stores in the area. The jewelry was recovered from the pawn shop. Over $15,000 in fraudulently obtained jewelry was recovered from the pawn shop, clearing three cases. This is another example of how LeadsOnline is assisting our department in clearing cases. To date, LeadsOnline has assisted the Raleigh Police Department in clearing 208 cases and recovering $300,430.55 in stolen property in a year.”

Det. Wilbur Oneal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina

California detective solves cyber crime in record time

“I used the eBay search tool through LeadsOnline for the first time and instantly received information on a potential suspect who lived in our city. Immediate follow-up was conducted at the suspect’s residence and the stolen property, worth approximately $9,000, was recovered from his home! I am thankful for the partnership LeadsOnline has with eBay because without it, I don’t think I would have been able to locate this property. Needless to say, the victim was ecstatic to hear his property was recovered in record breaking time!”

Det. Stacy Orchulli
El Cajon Police Department

LeadsOnline helps close case and recover stolen photography equipment on eBay

“Okaloosa County Deputies took a report of a vehicle burglary in a Fort Walton Beach neighborhood. The victim said that someone had entered his vehicle while it was parked in the driveway of his residence. The suspect stole approximately $43,603 worth of professional photography equipment and other personal property. A few days later, photography equipment matching the description of what was stolen from the vehicle burglary was located for sale on eBay. Using LeadsOnline, we determined the account of the seller belonged to a female in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We made contact with the female and she informed us that her boyfriend had used her account to sell some photography equipment that he purchased with the intent of reselling. After an in-depth interview with the boyfriend, he confessed to stealing the property and we were able to recover approximately $36,242 worth of the property and deliver it back to a VERY happy victim.”

Inv. Nolan Weeks
Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department

Stolen lab equipment found in New Haven. Everybody Yale!

“I was informed that a suspect was selling portable hard drives on eBay. I utilized LeadsOnline, which enabled me to view the suspect’s eBay account. I determined he had numerous hard drives and very expensive laboratory equipment listed for sale similar to those reported stolen from Yale University laboratories over the past year. Using LeadsOnline I was able to obtain the name and telephone number of the two separate individuals who purchased the laboratory equipment. I was also able to serve a search warrant for the suspect’s residence, and we recovered 10 hard drives, as well has other items from Yale University. We recovered $20,000 worth of stolen items.”

Det. Paul Sires
Yale Police Department

California law enforcement detective caps off investigation by returning stolen collectibles to owner

“While investigating a residential burglary of high value of $100,000 collectible items, I contacted LeadsOnline and requested assistance using the eBay search function. LeadsOnline was extremely helpful and walked me through the search functions. Over the following weeks I regularly searched for the specific stolen items on When I located potential matches I used the eBay search function on LeadsOnline to obtain account holder information. This saved hours and hours of investigation and warrant writing as I was able to easily obtain the information needed from LeadsOnline to eliminate suspects. Eventually all the searching paid off when I located one item of property for sale on Using LeadsOnline I was able to search using the suspect’s username and obtain his full name and contact information. I was then able to obtain a search warrant and recover approximately 90{eaf91c7142ede36c84724a2d24afac6a4a8d633fc6fbb2c5a4d5437c75438ec9} of the stolen items. Thank you, LeadsOnline!”

Det. Kellye Netz
Atascadero Police Department