He went to Jared, then they went to jail

“A subject at Jared’s Jewelry grabbed a Rolex watch valued at almost $7,000 and run from the store. With the help of LeadsOnline, I was able to locate the watch at a pawn shop in Columbus about 1.5 hours away. I was able to get the watch back to Jared’s as well as make charges on the female subject that pawned it.”

Det. Eddie Myers
Monroe Police Department

Three municipalities use LeadsOnline to arrest and charge Rolex thief

“I recovered a Rolex watch valued at almost $9K. The watch was purchased with a bad check on a closed account and sold at a local business. The watch was recovered, and the very next day the suspect was taken into custody for my agency, as well as Harwood Heights and Oak Park. All three municipalities had charges on the same suspect and utilized LeadsOnline for their cases. LeadsOnline is a great tool for law enforcement.”

Officer Rich Stoettner
Orland Park Police Department

Selling your Rolex? No problem. Reporting it stolen after you sell it? Big problem.

“Chapel Hill Police Department used LeadsOnline on a 2-week free trial in hopes of opening an account in the near future. As she was showing me around the site and the new features, we found an NCIC hit for a stolen Rolex watch entered by my agency. The watch was sold by the victim who reported it well before the police report was filed, also known as Insurance Fraud. Insurance company is now involved and investigating, hoping to recoup payment and push for prosecution.”

Investigator Patrick Gilchrist
Chapel Hill Police Department
North Carolina