Truck scrapped in another state leads to suspect

“I recently used LeadsOnLine to arrest a subject who was on a drug binge and stealing from numerous victims. I had a stolen Ford F250 truck where I ran the vin and got a LeadsOnline hit showing where it was scrapped in Pascagoula, Miss. I was able to locate the person who scrapped it and was eventually led to the subject who stole the truck as well as numerous batteries and other pieces of equipment. He used to be the victim’s employee. A warrant was signed and the subject was arrested. Probation revocation is pending, as well as court on this charge of Theft of Property-1st. Thanks for the help. Will be nice when Alabama catches up and we can find Alabama scrap yard items.”

Det. Mark Kinsey
Mobile County Sheriff’s Department

Nationwide metal theft database solves homicide in less than eight hours

“We began investigating a homicide case. The victim, Jack Markowitz, was found dead inside his burning vehicle on Hwy 57 in Gautier, Mississippi. With little to go on, investigators soon began piecing together the puzzle and discovered that the victim was a buyer and seller of catalytic converters and reported to LeadsOnline. Witnesses who passed by the area described to police a black dodge pickup truck with a metal cage on the back that was seen parked next to the victim prior to the crime. Having a suspect vehicle to look for, investigators began using LeadsOnline to run inquiries on each person that the victim had recent contact with. What investigators discovered cracked the case wide open. A recent transaction of catalytic converters between our newly discovered suspect and the victim showed a photograph of the catalytic converters, as well as the back of the suspect’s black dodge truck and metal cage. Utilizing this information from LeadsOnline helped investigators solve their homicide case in less than eight hours and resulted in a charge of capital murder against the suspect. LeadsOnline has been an invaluable tool for the Gautier Police Department allowing us to solve countless property crimes. In this case, LeadsOnline helped a reporting business lead police to the criminal who took his life. We look forward to continued service with LeadsOnline and hope to attend the conference this year in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Det. Jonathan Whitfield
Gautier Police Department

LeadsOnline Statement Analysis proves guilt

“A truck driver called 911 reporting 4 men were trying to break into his semi while he was parked on an off ramp on one of our highways. While the trucker was on 911, gun shots were heard over the phone and the truck driver claimed he had been shot and stabbed. During the 911 call, the truck driver whispered to the dispatcher “tell my wife I love her” and the call then went dead. When units arrived on scene they discovered the semi had several bullet holes through the driver door. The truck driver was lying in front of the semi with a superficial cut to his abdomen and no gunshot wounds. Evidence at the scene and the 911 recording did not side with the alleged victim’s side of the story. Investigators discovered during the investigation the alleged victim had filed similar reports in the past with the county he resided in. One of the many tools we use to determine the alleged victim’s truthfulness was the LeadsOnline Statement Analysis. The analysis of course determined the alleged victim was not telling the truth. The alleged victim was charged for numerous felonies and was later found guilty. Thanks, LeadsOnline!”

Det. Adam Clark
Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office