$23,000 worth of property recovered for business before they even knew it was stolen

“I was reviewing the results of a search when I noticed one gentleman sold several 1000 lb electric hoists, brand new in the box, at one of our local secondhand stores. A little research on the hoists revealed only one business in the area that sold such equipment. I contacted the business and asked them to conduct a physical inventory of their hoists. A total of nine hoists were missing from the shelves, the exact same number that had been sold at the secondhand store. The person who sold the equipment turned out to be the shipping and receiving manager for the company. He was arrested and charged for the thefts, and the company was able to recover approximately $23,000 worth of inventory they didn’t even know was missing. Without LeadsOnline, the crime might not have been discovered at all, or may have come to light after the property had been liquidated.”

Det. Patrick Sutherland
Toledo Police Department