Recovered drug dealer’s phone leads to identification of other burglary suspects

“I was working a Strict Liability overdose death investigation. When the drug dealer learned of the death, he had attempted to get rid of the cellular phone he had been utilizing by selling it to an ecoATM. The transaction was located using LeadsOnline and showed the phone in his possession, even though the subscriber information had been fraudulently provided during registration.

I was also able to access the suspect’s frequent contacts via Call Detail Records. I ran the contacts list through LeadsOnline, and not only did it identify a large number of the contacts, it also provided a who’s who of burglary suspects for other investigations.”

Det. Joshua Pavlov
Bordentown Twp NJ PD
New Jersey

Stolen commercial vehicle recovered after using key LeadsOnline feature

“In July, a commercial vehicle was reported stolen. Efforts to locate the vehicle were unsuccessful even after distribution of a flyer. A few days later, a review was conducted of transactions on the “resident activity outside jurisdiction” report available on LeadsOnline. Among those listed was a suspect in the stolen vehicle case who had sold property to a GameStop location in Lancaster, PA. The local PD was alerted to the fact that the stolen vehicle may be in their jurisdiction. Within 12 hours of the notification the stolen vehicle was recovered on the parking lot of a local convenience store that was about 2 hours away from where it had been stolen. This lead certainly expedited the recovery of the stolen vehicle.”

Capt. Pete D’Antuono
Westminster Police Department

Even sex offenders get caught with the help of LeadsOnline

“I’m the sex offender and child abuse investigator for the Walker County Cheriff’s Department . I do not work many property crimes as they are not assigned to me. However, LeadsOnline has been very helpful in locating sex offenders. Recently, I found some local sellshop activity by a registered sex offender who is registered in another county. The address given to the local sellshop for his home is in fact in Walker County. After beginning an investigation, I was able to prove he was living in Walker County without registering. The address he had listed was also a violation due to being too close to a daycare and he also failed to terminate his residence in the county where he was registered. I’ve used LeadsOnline several times to help in my SORNA (Sex Offender Registration Notification Act) investigations.”

Inv. Brian Keeton
Walker County Sheriff’s Department

Missing girl’s whereabouts are traced with the help of LeadsOnline

“I got a case assigned to me by my Captain which was a missing person report. The girl that was missing is 23 and a lot of things led up to the report and why it was assigned to me. Her social media updates had stopped, her phone was turned off etc. So I got information on someone she may have been hanging with. I started out by calling people, friends and known associates. They all had the same story that the missing girl and the guy she may be with were in rehab together and they are probably out looking for drugs. I decided to use LeadsOnline because I have solved so many cases using the system. I ran the guys name and he was in Michigan pawning some items. I called the store and got the surveiliance video and they both the daughter and the guy we were told she was with were at a business getting money for a gold ring. I was able explain to the mom, that her daughter is in Detroit with the guy we thought she was with, and she appeared to be fine. She was glad her daughter was OK and now both subjects PO’s have been notified because they’re not allowed to leave VA without permission. LeadsOnline works for everything. Best tool I have ever used when finding property and now people.”

Inv. Patrick Hobbs
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department

First day using LeadsOnline leads to a win for the good guys

“I just started using LeadsOnline today, and I came across a familiar name. The individual has been hiding for some time due to a felony warrant. It just so happened they made a recent sale and gave a different address than what we had. I did some checking and it turned out the person was living at the address listed on the transaction slip. Needless to say, warrant served. Another great tool for the good guys. Thanks!”

Deputy Jason Korst
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline helps solve serious case

“During the investigation of an aggravated sexual assault of a child, LeadsOnline helped me find a current address for my suspect which lead to his arrest. Thanks, LeadsOnline!”

Cpl. Francisco Sanchez
Anson Police Department

LeadsOnline provides family with comfort about loved one

“I’ve been a Police Officer for 15 years and I wish would’ve started using LeadsOnline sooner. A family in my town reported their adult sister missing who is homeless. Even though she’s homeless, she consistently checked in every month, sometimes twice a month. Three months had gone by with no contact, no social media usage, etc. The family was convinced that she may be dead. We found that she had sold items through the LeadsOnline database. Even though contact was never made, it brought relief to the family that she was still alive. Thanks, LeadsOnline.”

Det. Theo Kallantzes
Huntley Police Department

LeadsOnline Statement Analysis proves guilt

“A truck driver called 911 reporting 4 men were trying to break into his semi while he was parked on an off ramp on one of our highways. While the trucker was on 911, gun shots were heard over the phone and the truck driver claimed he had been shot and stabbed. During the 911 call, the truck driver whispered to the dispatcher “tell my wife I love her” and the call then went dead. When units arrived on scene they discovered the semi had several bullet holes through the driver door. The truck driver was lying in front of the semi with a superficial cut to his abdomen and no gunshot wounds. Evidence at the scene and the 911 recording did not side with the alleged victim’s side of the story. Investigators discovered during the investigation the alleged victim had filed similar reports in the past with the county he resided in. One of the many tools we use to determine the alleged victim’s truthfulness was the LeadsOnline Statement Analysis. The analysis of course determined the alleged victim was not telling the truth. The alleged victim was charged for numerous felonies and was later found guilty. Thanks, LeadsOnline!”

Det. Adam Clark
Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline tutorial leads to major case

“Last fall, we were encouraged to register for LeadsOnline and take the tutorial. I called and started my tutorial with a LeadsOnline operator, who was very helpful in showing me how to navigate the system. When the operator showed me how to look up people from my city who were selling items, we both were a bit shocked at one of the results. We were taken aback at one of the results showing over 100 transactions in a very short time for one person. After completing the tutorial, I made the subject a person of interest and started following his activities. I started noticing a pattern of the stores in which he was getting gift cards from, and I contacted all of the stores. Long story short, the subject we located during the tutorial was a heroin addict who had as many as 15 other people working for him, stealing merchandise and returning it for the gift cards, which they were selling. After collecting as much information as I could, the case was turned over to the detective section, and they went and interviewed the suspect. He admitted to stealing the items, returning them, and getting the gift cards which he then sold. All-in-all, the suspect and his crew stole over $20,000 in merchandise over a period of a few short months, and used the money for drugs. The operation is now shut down and he is awaiting those charges while in jail on a probation violation. If it had not been for taking a few minutes to learn your system, this guy and his friends would still be out stealing, returning, and getting drugs for the stolen items. A big “thank you” to the LeadsOnline operator who helped find a case that would have never been noticed otherwise.”

Ofc. Donald Cole
Beavercreek Police Department

Louisville Metro Police found the subject at the casino? You bet.

“A female reported her close friend missing after no one had seen or heard from her in about a week. Through investigation, I learned the missing female had a gambling problem and no one had seen or spoken to her in 7-8 days. A quick LeadsOnline search revealed the missing female had sold a cell phone at an ecoATM machine at a Kroger store located near Jack’s Casino in Cincinnati, OH around the same time she was reported missing. I contacted law enforcement at Jack’s Casino and they were able to locate the female. She had been at Jack’s Casino daily since she was reported missing. I was able to resolve this missing persons case quickly and put her friends and family at ease.”

Det. Mike Lauder
Louisville Metro Police Department

Less manual work, easier arrests

“I have had several cases now where LeadsOnline has basically led me to a fairly easy arrest. It has really cut investigation times down for many of the cases due to the information available to law enforcement. It is a great resource in many of my investigations.”

Det. Robert Metcalf
La Porte Police Department