Alabama insurance fraud prevented by detective using LeadsOnline

“I’ve recently learned that the suspect in an insurance fraud case I’ve been working owes a lot of money to his ex-wife for back child support. My using LeadsOnline stopped him from filing a false claim with his insurance. The records I accessed in a search on your system showed the suspect falsely claimed items as stolen from his residence. The case has now been closed. Thanks for your assistance in providing such a useful tool for our agency.”

Sgt. Casey Ott
Autauga County Sheriff’s Office

Arson and insurance fraud case solved by Fire Marshall using LeadsOnline

“We were interviewing a vehicle owner in regards to his vehicle being reported stolen and burned. The owner provided a long list of valuable contents including amps, a stereo, speakers, etc. The owner even provided us with photos of the property in the vehicle. We ran his name through LeadsOnline and saw the same descriptions of items were pawned by him one day prior to his vehicle being ‘stolen and burned.’ When confronted with the evidence (we actually had to go to the pawn shop and seize the property), he confessed to insurance fraud and arson of a motor vehicle.”

Inv. Dustin Deutsch
Harris County Fire Marshall

Victim files false claim; tries to defraud insurance company

“I got a case where someone was reporting that their wedding ring was stolen, so I ran the reporting party on Leads. At first only a TV was pawned in her name. I adjusted the dates and there you go, she pawned the wedding ring several months before. I called the pawn shop and they confirmed that the wedding ring was still there. I confronted the person making this report, and she admitted to lying about everything because she wanted the insurance money. Thanks LeadsOnline, another case solved and person charged.”

Inv. Richard Filter
Fort Carson Police Department

Washington police arrest “victim”; solve insurance fraud case using LeadsOnline

“Today, I found out from Auburn PD that the person who pawned the property stole from an Auburn burglary was, in fact, the victim. That pretty much explains why he drove to Bellevue to pawn his stuff. Not surprisingly, he has a long history of arrests in Auburn. That list of arrests will get longer this week since the Auburn detective is going to arrest him for insurance fraud.”

Det. Gregory Bean
Bellevue Police Department

Lies lead to felony indictment

“The reportee in this case made several fictitious and misleading statements in support of an insurance claim for payment. Specifically stating that the vehicle was burglarized, in which numerous items were stolen from inside the vehicle by an unknown individual. Thanks to LeadsOnline, nearly one year later the reportee was identified selling items reported stolen to the police and insurance company. The transactions also revealed that the reportee inflated the initial loss value by claiming full retail value on items previously purchased at the businesses. The reportee subsequently faced felony indictment for insurance fraud.”

Sgt. Samuel Maxwell
Texas Department of Insurance – Austin Fraud Unit

False police report filed…victim recognizes suspect…as the man in the mirror

“I was dispatched to a breaking and entering that had taken place at an apartment complex we frequently visit. Upon arrival, I spoke with the victim who explained that a masked man entered his home and held him at gun point. The victim was forced to sit in a chair as the armed suspect stole is money, TV, XBOX, and games. The victim told me who the suspect was since he had known him in the past. I investigated the incident, however a lot of the details provided did not make sense. As my supervisor and I were talking about the case, we decided to search LeadsOnline to see if we could locate the stolen items. We found a ticket under the victim’s name for the TV that had been reported stolen a week before the incident was reported. The victim was charged with filing a false report to a police station, and subsequently convicted of it. Thanks, LeadsOnline!”

Ptlm. Alexander Balchev
Hudson Police Department
North Carolina

Selling your Rolex? No problem. Reporting it stolen after you sell it? Big problem.

“Chapel Hill Police Department used LeadsOnline on a 2-week free trial in hopes of opening an account in the near future. As she was showing me around the site and the new features, we found an NCIC hit for a stolen Rolex watch entered by my agency. The watch was sold by the victim who reported it well before the police report was filed, also known as Insurance Fraud. Insurance company is now involved and investigating, hoping to recoup payment and push for prosecution.”

Investigator Patrick Gilchrist
Chapel Hill Police Department
North Carolina