4 antique tractors recovered in 4 days

“A complaint was made to the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office of a theft and burglary where four antique tractors were taken from a property, plus several items from the residence on the property. Less than one hour after receiving the complaint, a check through LeadsOnline revealed two of the tractors being sold to a scrap yard in Alexandria, Louisiana. The next day, another tractor was located at another scrap yard — and the fourth tractor was located at a third scrap yard. My search also found a High School ring from the complainant being sold at a Pawn Shop. The complainant didn’t know the ring was stolen, so she was very surprised and thankful to get the ring back. At the start of the investigation I had four suspects, to date one has been arrested, two warrants have been issued and one pending.”

Det. Doug James
Grant Parish Sheriffs Office
Colfax, Louisiana