5-carat ring stolen and recovered

“I was investigating a theft case where a $15,000.00 5-carat diamond ring was stolen. The victim told me that the satellite repair man was at her house the night she realized that her ring was missing. I followed up with the company and gathered information on the worker. The supervisor for the company advised me that the worker was from St. Louis and was sent to the Birmingham area to help clear a heavy work load. As I do in all of my cases, I entered the workers name into LeadsOnline for a search to be conducted. The third day that the information was in the system, I got a hit back on the suspect’s name. The suspect pawned a ring matching the one of my victims’ in St. Louis, Missouri. I followed up with a Detective in St. Louis to get the ring recovered and to get a picture sent to me so the victim could identify the ring as hers. Once the ring was identified by the victim, I was able to get the ring shipped to Birmingham and get it returned to the victim. The defendant in this case was charged with Theft 1st and will be extradited back to Birmingham. Without LeadsOnline, the ring that had sentimental value to my victim would not have been recovered.”

Det. Clark Raymond
Hoover Police Department