Alabama police recover property stolen from local firefighter

“We had a burglary report filed with us. The victim is a fireman for one of the local jurisdictions. Being familiar with the area that he lives in, and suspects that live in the area I had a suspect in mind. I ran the suspect on LeadsOnline and got a hit. The suspect pawned two guitars, a motorcycle helmet, and a wireless microphone system for a motorcycle. All of the items were reported stolen by the victim. Deputies were then able to pick the suspect up for questioning. When the suspect was picked up, Deputies found a notebook (laptop), several watches, and an expensive pair of sunglasses belonging to the victim in the suspect’s possession. This also led to a third guitar that was stolen from the victim being recovered. Thanks to Leads, I was able to recover approximately $1,700 worth of the victim’s property. Since becoming involved with LeadsOnline eight or so years ago, I have had quite a bit of success using the system. I have never submitted any stories until now. I felt that this recovery deserved some note due to my being able to assist a fellow Public Servant in getting his case solved.”

Sgt. James Green
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office