All in the family; victim’s cousin identified in burglary by detective using LeadsOnline

“I was giving a burglary report that occurred two days earlier. I had been given two suspects names for the burglary, but had no proof, nor any witnesses. I was thinking on how to best to work the case when it came to me to check the new LeadsOnline system that we have. I put in the description of my stolen property (two Craftsman Tools) and then it came back with a match to a local pawn shop. One of the tools was pawned on the day of the burglary and believe it or not, my victim’s cousin was the person who pawned it. With this information I was able to get a warrant for the arrest of this subject. He was not listed as one of the two suspects in the burglary report. This person was not even thought of as a suspect, and as my victim said, `He’s my cousin`. With the arrest of this person I was able not to only solve the one burglary, but I was able to clear nine other cases which cleared a total of over 30,000 in stolen property. All I can say is LeadsOnline worked for me.”

Cpl. Rodney Reed
Fort Smith Police Department