An instant hit on LeadsOnline leads to the recovery of seven custom guitars for music industry professional

“Earlier this year we took a residential burglary in which the victim had seven of his beloved guitars taken. The victim is a musician and music industry professional who is very attached to his guitars. All of them were custom and worth thousands of dollars, not to mention the sentimental value to the victim. Fortunately for him, LeadsOnline came through again as a valuable investigative tool. The day after the burglary, I began investigating the case in the same way I do all of my cases. First, I checked LeadsOnline for the stolen property. Instantly, I was able to see that the suspect in the case took three of the guitars to separate businesses in our area, along with some stolen electronics. I was able to get holds placed on them immediately, and through the businesses, I verified the suspect information they had on file. Using the investigative leads that came from LeadsOnline, I was able to find the rest of the guitars at another area business that wasn’t on LeadsOnline. I talked to them about the success we have finding stolen property and solving burglaries through LeadsOnline. I was assured by their store manager that getting signed up for LeadsOnline was definitely in their future!”

Det. Adam Wiley
Guilford County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina