AR15 is A-OK after being recovered

“In November, a family had someone enter their home and steal jewelry that was worth several thousands of dollars. They also stole several guns, one being a Rock River AR15. The following March, I got a hit from LeadsOnline on a Rock River AR15 that was sold to a business. The business manager placed the AR15 on hold until I was able to pick it up. The AR15 was taken back to the Kaufman County Sheriff’s property room and it was stored there until the disposition of the property hearing. In April, a property hearing was held in Kemp, Texas. The AR15 was awarded to the victim. I tracked the sale of the gun back to three owners, but the track stopped at a gun show sold by an unknown person. Thanks to LeadsOnline for another property recovery, the victim was very pleased to get her son’s AR15 back, the gun was a present for his 21 birthday. ”

Sgt. C. Sexton
Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department