Burglaries of homes and businesses in Arkansas solved by city and county law enforcement

“A local mechanic shop reported that a welder and battery charger had been stolen from the business. A few days later, a resident reported that her home had been burglarized. An XBOX 360, two games, and assorted jewelry was stolen from the residence. Five days after the first burglary, Rison Police Officer Eric Powers searched LeadsOnline for the stolen property. Officer Powers observed where an individual had sold a welder at a pawn shop in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Officer Powers also found that this person had sold some jewelry at another pawn shop in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Officer Powers went to the pawn shops and viewed their security video that showed two individuals selling the welder stolen from the mechanic shop. Officer Powers went to the other pawn shop and viewed the security tape where the suspects sold the jewelry. The two were picked at a residence in Rison, Arkansas. The male suspect confessed to committing the burglaries and that the female suspect sold the items because he did not have an identification card. All the items reported stolen in the burglaries were recovered thanks to LeadsOnline. Thanks Again.”

Det. Josh Bolland
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department