Burglary suspects travel across county lines to sell stolen property

“Two subjects went to a family friend’s farm to dispose of some debris. The male and the female subjects were later invited into the victim’s residence. Once inside, the female subject asked to use a bathroom. After leaving the bathroom, the female subject went directly into the victim’s bedroom while she was being occupied in another part of the residence by the white male subject. $4,500 worth of jewelry was stolen during the incident. The following day the victim contacted law enforcement and reported the theft. The two suspects were checked through the LeadsOnline database. Search of LeadsOnline revealed that approximately one hour after leaving the victim’s residence both subjects sold the stolen jewelry in another county adjacent to our jurisdiction. Both suspects were arrested, charged with the theft and have since pled guilty in Hardin County Circuit Court on felony charges.”

Det. Peter Chytla
Elizabethtown police department