Cheyenne Police use LeadsOnline to immediately solve two Part 1 crimes

“I wanted to send this message to let you know how the LeadsOnline system has already helped us in two investigations. The first case involves a grand larceny from a Wyoming Game and Fish state office building. I had been working the case for over two months and had not recovered any of the $14,000 worth of property that was taken. I had developed suspects, but had no solid evidence linking them to the crime. The very first time I used the LeadsOnline system I found one of my suspects had pawned a $600.00 computer that was taken from the Game and Fish building. This computer was recovered and I now have the link I need to pursue charges against the suspect. The second case involves a suspect our department had been trying to locate for at least three weeks. The person is suspected in multiple grand larceny cases. By using the LeadsOnline system, we found a possible current address for the suspect and we believe this will assist us in finding him. All of the detectives are very pleased that this system is in place and we see the LeadsOnline system as being a great benefit to our department.”

Det. Nathan Buseck
Cheyenne Police Department