Concerned pawn shop owner and LeadsOnline identify employee theft

“A pawn shop owner called with concerns of a customer who was bringing in a number of high-dollar depth finders ($2,000-$3,000 each) that were still in the box. He asked if they were hot or not because of their value and because they were still being in the box. I searched LeadsOnline and found that one young man in his 20s was selling these at several stores. Based on this and the pawnshop owners concern, I contacted boat manufactures in our area along with marinas, but nothing matching these was missing. Marion County Sheriff’s Department, home of Ranger Boats, was contacted by our department (Baxter County Sheriff’s Department), and it was found that Ranger Boats had filed a report of theft of the items found. It was also found that the young man worked for them in their parts department. Investigators with Marion County Sheriff’s Office are working on arrest warrants for the individual in the case. The Marion County and Baxter County Sheriff’s Department work very well together and were able to stop this from continuing.”

Inv. Eric Neal
Baxter County Sheriff’s Office