Couple arrested for over eight burglaries across multiple jurisdictions

“This summer and early fall, Goliad County was plagued with a rash of thefts and burglaries. Using LeadsOnline to check on some of the stolen property, I identified an individual selling some of the stolen items in a nearby community. Then, running that individual’s name through the LeadsOnline system, I tracked down even more property, some of which we did not have a serial number for. By continuously tracking the suspect through LeadsOnline while we were preparing criminal charges, we found even more stolen property which, in turn, led us to burglaries that had not yet been discovered by the victims. The subsequent investigation found a male and female were responsible for at least eight burglaries, and at least a dozen theft cases in our jurisdiction, as well as a number of similar crimes in adjacent jurisdictions. The pair was arrested, charged, and are now awaiting trial on numerous felony charges. Additionally, we recovered a great deal of stolen property, and returned it to the rightful owners. All of this occurred because of LeadsOnline.”

Sgt. John Pape
Goliad County Sheriff’s Office