Criminal charged after Lieutenant uses LeadsOnline to see he was present during the crimes

“In September, we had a rash of car burglaries in a subdivision in our town. There were 26 cars broken into, including a law enforcement vehicle. We were able to collect evidence from the area, which led to us discovering a fingerprint on an item. The suspect was identified through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System and we questioned him, but he denied ever being in that area. We searched for him on LeadsOnline and found that he had sold an item to a store in the area, which included a cell phone number for him that he did not provide us with. We did a search warrant on that phone number and the results put him in the area at the time of the burglaries. Without LeadsOnline we would not have made that connection. He has been charged and is pending in court now. Thanks”

Lt. Joel Massey
Fayetteville TN PD