Crooks have nowhere to hide when law enforcement uses LeadsOnline

“I use LeadsOnline as one of my tools in conducting follow-up burglary investigations. While investigating a burglary, I located a piece of property at a business in West Memphis, Arkansas, which a local victim reported stolen from my jurisdiction, in St. Louis, Missouri. Armed with the transaction information, I was able to quickly contact the business and place a hold on the item. I then called the West Memphis Police Department and advised them of the situation. I was able to give a representative of the West Memphis Police Department a suspect’s name and pedigree for the crime of receiving stolen property (our local charge for such an offense) within their jurisdiction. I also advised that the subject has multiple transaction records in Arkansas and Tennessee. I called the victim, advised him of my findings, and gave him contact information for the West Memphis Police Department. Since the item is located out of my jurisdiction, the West Memphis Police Department will conduct further follow-up with the help of the burglary victim. It was all thanks to LeadsOnline that I was able to help the victim locate his missing property, and lead another Police Department toward a suspect that has slipped out of my reach. With LeadsOnline, there is nowhere to hide.”

Ofc. Ervin Lockhart
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department