CSI van burglarized, Laredo Police use LeadsOnline to find the bad guys

“The Laredo Police Department received a Burglary of Vehicle call. The suspect had broken into the Webb County Medical Examiner van and stolen multiple items including a digital Kodak M530 camera. The police report was filed and a CSI responded to the scene and lifted several prints. We didn’t have a suspect and the AFIS Examiner was loaded with work so we decided to check on LeadsOnline. The Laredo Police Department Investigators found information that a suspect had pawned the camera. The suspect was brought to headquarters for an interview and he confessed to the crime. He also implicated two other suspects. Investigators were able to obtain five (5) Warrants for Burglary of Vehicle C/A, Theft. All suspects were arrested. Thanks to LeadsOnline we were able to stop these burglars that were causing the Laredo Police Department headaches.”

Ricardo Tanguma
Laredo Police Department