Dallas police recover electronics from multiple burglaries

“I received a burglary complaint, and I immediately searched on LeadsOnline. I located all the items that were stolen in the burglary at three different shops. I recovered all the items that were stolen in the burglary and swore out a warrant on the suspect. I arrested the suspect on a warrant for receiving stolen property under $10,000 and interviewed the suspect where he confessed to the burglary. Also, one of my detectives used the NCIC hits feature on LeadOnline and recovered two Xbox 360s, an Emerson TV, a Pioneer car stereo, an Element TV, an Echo leaf blower and a Sony PS3 game system. This resulted in the recovery of $2,450 worth of stolen property taken in five burglaries of residences and two BMVs. Thanks for your good assistance!”

Sgt. David Franklin
Dallas Police Department