Detective can’t imagine doing his job without LeadsOnline

“In February, White County Arkansas Sheriff’s Deputies were called to an attempted break in at a shop building. A neighbor saw the suspects leaving in a silver Dodge pickup and a camo Yamaha Rhino. Even though we had information regarding the registered owner of the Dodge, we had no further evidence to support the requirements for an arrest or to have an advantage in an interview. I make it a standard practice to research LeadsOnline in ALL of my cases and did so with this. I am proud to say that as usual, I was not disappointed! Not only did I find that the suspect regularly used his truck in scrap transactions, but he also used a trailer in one of them that was also used at the scene. With the photos provided in these transactions, I was able to obtain a detailed confession to not only this crime, but a larger theft in neighboring county in excess of $50,000. I have been a law enforcement officer for 22 years and out of that time, I have been a criminal investigator for 16. I know how life was before LeadsOnline and I can tell you, I sure can’t imagine doing my job now without it. I have used it in everything from homicide to property crime cases. In more times than not, the results are extremely beneficial. I thank you all so very much for doing what you do to help us! I forward every theft victim that I encounter a copy of the ReportIt flyer and it is very positively received!”

Det. Donnie Manues
White County Sheriff’s Office