Detective uses LeadsOnlabs MethMonitor to charge five with conspiracy to manufacture meth

“There I was, just minding my own business. I received a phone call from a patrol deputy. He stated that he had just executed a traffic stop on a vehicle in Heber Springs. The deputy told me that among other items, he found several blister packs and a pharmacy bag with several Sudafed pills in it. I acquired the identification information of the subjects in the vehicle. Through LeadsOnlabs’ MethMonitor, I found that a total five people had purchased the pills at the pharmacy within a few minutes of each other. I went to the pharmacy and retrieved copies of the security video that confirmed that the five people purchased within minutes of each other. Four of them arrived in the same vehicle. The fifth person walked to the vehicle in the parking lot and handed her pills to a passenger in the car.

So thanks to LeadsOnlabs MethMonitor, I was able to charge five people with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. All five suspects ultimately pled guilty to the charges.”

Inv. Sgt. Jack Smith
Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office