Even sex offenders get caught with the help of LeadsOnline

“I’m the sex offender and child abuse investigator for the Walker County Cheriff’s Department . I do not work many property crimes as they are not assigned to me. However, LeadsOnline has been very helpful in locating sex offenders. Recently, I found some local sellshop activity by a registered sex offender who is registered in another county. The address given to the local sellshop for his home is in fact in Walker County. After beginning an investigation, I was able to prove he was living in Walker County without registering. The address he had listed was also a violation due to being too close to a daycare and he also failed to terminate his residence in the county where he was registered. I’ve used LeadsOnline several times to help in my SORNA (Sex Offender Registration Notification Act) investigations.”

Inv. Brian Keeton
Walker County Sheriff’s Department