Evidence found on LeadsOnline gives suspect no other option than confession

“A few months ago, I had a case where a cell phone and other items were taken from a house. After speaking with the victim, I was able to get the serial number for the cell phone that was taken. One of the first steps I took, as always, was to check the serial number of the cell phone through LeadsOnline. I received a hit on LeadsOnline that the phone was sold just hours after the incident occurred at an ecoATM machine close to the victim’s house. I printed out the information from LeadsOnline and headed to the address that was provided in the ecoATM transaction. I made contact with the suspect at the house, and after presenting him with the evidence I received from LeadsOnline, he had no other option but to confess everything! He was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison for his actions that day, and thanks to LeadsOnline, he was quickly and easily apprehended!”

Inv. Clifton Jennings
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office