Family provides place to stay; In appreciation, guest steals camera gear

“Sahuarita Police Department Officer A. Medina took a report detailing a suspected theft from residence of a Canon camera, Canon lens and several items of jewelry. Total value was approximated at $1,500. The victim identified a possible suspect as a person who had been living with her in the prior two months during the time he was relocating and seeking employment. Officer Medina questioned the individual who denied having any knowledge of the missing items. Four days later, assistant to Investigations D. Taylor flagged this case for follow-up. He entered a LeadsOnline search utilizing the name of the individual. The search disclosed several transactions conducted by the individual to include a television, Canon camera, Canon lens, several pieces of jewelry and other miscellaneous items. Taylor called and faxed the pawn company placing a police hold on all items related to the reported theft. He then printed a criminal history report on the suspect which divulged numerous interactions with law enforcement. This information along with the Leads Online search results and original case report were provided to Detective Sergeant J. Zamora for assignment to a detective. The case was assigned to Detective S. Bunting who recovered all relevant and available property from the pawn shop. Many of the jewelry items had already been shipped to another, out of state, branch of the pawn company. Detective Bunting did considerable follow up work with the pawn company and recovered all of the victim’s jewelry as well. The suspect was located by Detective Bunting, arrested and charged with Felony Theft. The arrestee subsequently pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. All parties thank Leads Online for providing the platform to assist in the process of reuniting the victim with her property as well as the identification and prosecution of the suspect.”

Danny Taylor
Sahuarita Police Department