Fort Wayne Police Department finds stolen jewelry near New Orleans

“Our city and county had been experiencing a rash of daytime residential burglaries. One of the victims interrupted the pair of bad guys while they were breaking into his home. Based on his description, we were able to develop a suspect that the victim positively identified. A week after the incident, I found one of my bad guys pawning jewelry in Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana. Taking the description of the items provided by LeadsOnline, I was able to locate an entirely different incident with a similar piece of jewelry listed as stolen. I then contacted the Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s Office, who was able to locate, hold and photograph the items. Twenty minutes after getting those photos, my victim, and one of her co-workers, positively identified two of the three items sold in Louisiana. Thanks to LeadsOnline and the Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s Office, I’m able to get a good charge on a bad guy, and most importantly, get property back where it belongs.”

Ptlm. Joseph Lyon
Fort Wayne Police Department