Fraudulently purchased jewelry sold and recovered at local secondhand business

“An initial report to our call center started an investigation concerning a suspect making fraudulent purchases on a closed account to a well-known jeweler in the Raleigh area. During the investigation, it was learned the suspect made a $15,000 purchase in one day, and then, at a later date sold the jewelry to a local pawn shop. A search on LeadsOnline indicated the whereabouts of the stolen jewelry, and also revealed other fraudulent purchases from other jewelry stores in the area. The jewelry was recovered from the pawn shop. Over $15,000 in fraudulently obtained jewelry was recovered from the pawn shop, clearing three cases. This is another example of how LeadsOnline is assisting our department in clearing cases. To date, LeadsOnline has assisted the Raleigh Police Department in clearing 208 cases and recovering $300,430.55 in stolen property in a year.”

Det. Wilbur Oneal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina