Freeport Police nail retail thefts

“In July, we received reports from the Menards store in our City about an unknown caucasian male who had run out of the store with Paslode nail guns on two different occasions. The total loss for Menards from these incidents was $1,193. Once the suspect from Menards was identified when a Freeport Police Sergeant checked LeadsOnline and found that the suspect’s girlfriend sold two Paslode nail guns to a business in a neighboring city one day after they were stolen. With that information from LeadsOnline, the Freeport Police Department was able to recover one of the two nail guns from the business. In addition to recovering one of the stolen Paslode nail guns, the Freeport Police Department was able to gather additional evidence to prosecute the suspect.”

Lt. Andrew Schroeder
Freeport Police Department