Georgia detectives access rapid pawnshop data via LeadsOnline to solve crimes

“A victim reported that he was missing about $1000 worth of hand tools, and provided the serial numbers for one of the stolen items. This investigator looked this item up on LeadsOnline and located the tool in one of our local pawn shops. After finding the name of the person who pawned this item, this investigator then ran the suspects name on LeadsOnline and found that the suspect pawned the victim’s tools at three of our local pawn shops. This investigator then made contact with all three pawn shops to look at the tools that the said suspect had pawn which were all pawned about three weeks apart. All the case that the tools were in has the victims name on the outside of the box. All the victim’s tools plus some that the victim had no idea were missing was recovered and returned back to the victim. The suspect was charged with two counts of theft by deception for the pawn shops and theft by taking for the victim.”

Cpl. Cary Jackson
Griffin Police Department