Georgia jurors convict suspect based on LeadsOnline evidence

“The victim returned home after work and found his home burglarized of a flat screen TV and 80 dollars in cash. He made a report that evening and it was assigned to me the next day. I was able to talk with the victim on the following day when he gave me numbers on the TV and several names of persons that he suspected may have committed the crime. After getting off the phone with the victim, I signed on LeadsOnline, ran the numbers and the ticket that came up showed the suspect to be one of the persons that the victim had given me. He had actually pawned the TV at 12:30 pm on the day of the burglary a few hours before it was reported. I printed the LeadsOnline ticket, making it a part of the case file and obtained a felony warrant for the suspect. He was tried in Walker County Superior Court and found guilty of the burglary. The only physical evidence that was submitted at trail was the original pawn ticket from the store and the LeadsOnline print out that I had made. I did have to explain how we used LeadsOnline in investigations. After the trial and convictions which the suspect received 5 years, we polled the jury and they told us that the LeadsOnline was a big factor in their choice to convict him. So yes LeadsOnline really works well we have recovered a lot of property using LeadsOnline!”

Det. Sgt. Anthony Gilleland
Walker County Sheriff’s Office