Goddard PD Suggests Online Service to Track Valuables

November 3, 2019

By Jacob Weston

You may want to think about using an online service to make a record of valuables in case you are the victim of theft.

The Goddard Police Department suggests using the ReportIt service, which is free and part of LeadsOnline. This database is used by police across the country to help track and recover stolen property.

“The addition of the free service ReportIt will provide a safe and secure tool for our citizens to inventory and log their valuables. In the event of a theft or disaster, a report can be generated by the owner that will provide a comprehensive list of their items and serial numbers, greatly increasing the chances of recovery.” explains Chief Fred Farris.

LeadsOnline is also used to record items sold at pawn shops, so if a serial number or description matches a stolen item you have a better chance of getting your property back.

You can look into the ReportIt service through the link below.

ReportIt Property Inventory System

Source: https://www.kfdi.com/2019/11/03/goddard-pd-suggests-online-service-to-track-valuables/