Handyman really cleans up, and makes off employer’s property

“I am currently assigned to the detectives division as the Accident Investigator. I don’t usually get assigned too many thefts or burglaries, but when I do, I use LeadsOnline. Recently I was assigned a burglary case where the victim had lost her husband a few months prior and decided that she needed to hire a handyman to do honey do’s around her house. She placed an ad in the local newspaper and hired someone after reviewing several applications and conducting interviews. He was the ideal worker. He cut grass and reorganized her garage. Little did the victim know that she was slowly getting ripped off. The victim had placed a miter saw on Craigslist and when she had a potential buyer she discovered the saw was missing. The victim suspected the handyman because he had access to her garage where the saw was taken from. I ran his name in LeadsOnline and received hits on his name for 35 items in the previous 60 days. The victim was ecstatic when we were able to retrieve several of her stolen family heirlooms and keepsakes that belonged to her late husband. While the victim and I were checking the pawnshops, we discovered several other items she had not yet realized were missing. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I was able to go further back in time and find that he pawned 65 items since he was hired. In all, the victim was able to get most of her property back and could not be happier. Thanks to LeadsOnline this widow can still hold onto a part of her life that was taken away.”

Det. Humberto Gonzalez
Kingsville Police Department