House-sitter caught and charged by Detective using LeadsOnline

“My victim returned home from a six-week trip to Georgia, and found several things taken from his residence; including his class of 1978 high school ring. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to locate the ring at a pawnshop in the next county to the east. I searched LeadsOnline for any other transactions from the person who sold the ring, and I found 7 other transactions at 4 different businesses. I was informed by my victim the suspect was the girlfriend of the person he let house-sit while he was away. I entered his house-sitter into LeadsOnline as well, and located more of his property at 2 additional businesses. All in all, we were able to recover most of the stolen merchandise and successfully charged the two suspects, thanks to LeadsOnline.”

Det. James Lear
La Porte County IN Sheriff