House sitter turned crook caught with LeadsOnline

“A family arrived back home after a week of fun on vacation. They had trusted their daughter’s boyfriend to tend to their family pet and house while they were gone. They were notified by this model boyfriend that while he was gone he noticed that the house had been burglarized. Oddly enough, the suspected burglar only wanted the flat screen TV and Xbox gaming console. Officers arrived and took the report from the boyfriend. They noticed that the lad was positive that the burglar entered and exited through an existing ajar window. Looking at the window, the suspected burglar was nice enough to place the screen back on before leaving. After seeing the behavior of the `boyfriend,` Detectives were called and we thought Leads Online would be a great place to start to save us some time. We received a positive hit on both items stolen from the home, and had been pawned by a male of the exact identity of the resident boyfriend. LeadsOnline showed the location of the stolen items, and the victims were able to retrieve them. The family is now back to watching movies and gaming. The boyfriend was last reported to be sleeping in a nearby cornfield when warrants were issued and attempted. Thank you for your services LeadsOnline!”

Det. Brandon Smith
Village of West Jefferson