Investigator recovers stolen items and arrests suspect only days after using LeadsOnline

“I was assigned a vehicle burglary with no suspect information, a serial number for 1 GPS unit, and only descriptions of the rest of property taken. I had just got my LeadsOnline account and was using it for the first time. I checked the serial number first and got no hits, but then I entered the description of a pair of $500 prescription sunglasses stolen and got a hit at a local business. The victim positively identified the sunglasses as hers and they were recovered. From there, I entered the suspects name into LeadsOnline and found that he sold more items at another nearby business the same day. I went to that business and recovered the rest of the items that had been stolen from the victim, as well as several other GPS units stolen in other burglaries. I found out that the reason the GPS unit did not show up was because the business employee had entered the serial number wrong. That’s when I learned that even if you don’t get a serial number hit, search by description as well! I was able to get video surveillance footage from the businesses, a confession from the suspect, and he was arrested for the burglary only days after the initial crime. Since then, I have solved numerous other property crimes and have recovered multiple items stolen using LeadsOnline. I strongly believe every Law Enforcement Agency should have this service, more crimes would be solved and at a faster rate then the old way of traveling to businesses and checking pawn tickets once a month.”

Inv. Robert Carvin
Bastrop County TX Sheriff