Investigator uses LeadsOnline to find and recover student’s stolen trumpet

“While scrolling through sales today, I saw a trumpet that had been sold for $20.00. I thought to myself, “Who sells a Stradivarius trumpet for $20.00?” Then I thought, “Nobody who got it by legitimate means.” Yep, I was right! It had been stolen from an auto breaking. The victim was a college student trying to make his way through life, attending college and playing in the marching band. Well, now the beat marches on. The trumpet was recovered and the offender was prosecuted. LeadsOnline makes this too easy. By the way, the value was $1,500.00 (I may have went into the wrong line of work)! On second thought, nah, I enjoy what I do.”

Inv. Michael Griffith
Winston-Salem NC PD
North Carolina