Investigators share information via LeadsOnline in cross jurisdictional investigation

“A suspect was arrested and confessed to several car dealership burglaries where he targeted the safes. After making bond, he vanished. He was flagged as a person of interest in LeadsOnline at that time. Seven months later, I received pawn hits on this subject near the Mexico border. Those law enforcement agencies were notified of the pawn hit and also of his background regarding dealership burglaries. They advised that they had several car dealership burglaries over the last few months and the m.o. was identical to this same individual. They were able to track this subject down and arrest him on several outstanding warrants. He subsequently confessed to dealership burglaries in that area as well. His whereabouts would still be unknown had he not been flagged as a person of interest in LeadsOnline.”

Det. Shad Phillips
Abilene Police Department