Irreplaceable guitar recovered for victim

“We had a residential burglary and among the items taken was a red guitar that was handmade for the victim by his now deceased father. Of course being handmade there was no serial numbers, but the victim was able to provide the reporting officer a detailed description. When I spoke to him, he was able to tell me a little more. I checked LeadsOnline for a red guitar, but nothing hit. I sent out an email asking that they keep a lookout for this guitar. The next day there was a LeadsOnline entry for me that sounded like the guitar that was stolen. I drove to the business, where it was located and found that the guitar matched the one stolen in our burglary. The victim was able to meet me and recover his property. Of all the items that were taken, this was the most valuable to the victim, not in cost (very little), but sentimental.”

Det. James Francis
Columbus Police Department