LeadsOnline aids in tracking suspect’s movements across state lines

“I first started using LeadsOnline in September, and we had a report on a brand new Cub Cadet stolen September 12th. I remember coming in on the 13th and seeing this report, so I ran the serial number and had a match within a second. That doesn’t sound that cool or exciting to some with years of experience, but to me, that was the best day of my life. I had only been doing investigations for a few months, and had just been released on my own, so it was my first solved crime thanks to you all. This was only the beginning, because my suspect appeared to be trying to break a record with how many trailers, dirt bikes, and lawn mowers he could steal and sell in the shortest amount of time. Needless to say, he was arrested shortly after and went to prison for a few short months, but I kept up with him and it wasn’t two weeks after he was released he was back at it harder than ever. It took a couple months for him to make his way back into Polk County, NC, where he went on another rampage and he was hitting us every other day. We chased him for months, along with other agencies from North Carolina, South Carolina, and even the US Marshals Service got involved once he pretty much kidnapped our CI. So yes, this was the most fun I’ve ever had on a case, and I got to meet and make great friends and contacts through those months. We were able to close out around 20 cases in the end. I’d like to say thank you and without you all at LeadsOnline, we would not have been able to keep up with and track his whereabouts long enough to get the other agencies involved and get him back in jail where he belongs. Also, I’d like to thank Rutherford county, NC, Cherokee County, SC, Greenville County, SC, and mainly Spartanburg city and county guys for the endless hours, car chases, search warrants, and helping get the Marshal’s Service brought in. Thanks again for everyone’s help, and I hope everyone has had the experience that I’ve had with LeadsOnline.”

Det. / Sgt. Jay Turney
Polk County NC Sheriff
North Carolina