LeadsOnline does it again!

“LeadsOnline does it again! I had been investigating a case where an individual had used a social media platform to contact a victim regarding the sale of an item. When they finally agreed to meet, the victim provided the cellular phone to sell and the suspect provided cash, which unfortunately turned out to be counterfeit money. The account holder on the social media platform had been changed, therefore we were unable to identify the suspect via social media. The victim provided the IMEI number for the device and that number was entered into NCIC. A few days later, sure enough the IMEI number hit as the phone was sold to an ecoATM outside of my jurisdiction. I contacted ecoATM and requested the property to be returned to the agency so it could be returned to the owner. Not only that, the subject involved was identified based upon the images from the ecoATM. LeadsOnline solved another case for me.”

Cpl. A. Calore
Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office
South Carolina